Friday, May 04, 2012

My ass is a moving target

I had to stop by Target the other night. Needed 3 different kinds of soap (hand, body, AND face...being a girl is so fun), and some new mascara and concealer. So I dropped by the store on my way home from work, and made my way through the aisles with my teensy list.

Of course, the one aisle my choice of makeup was in was being dominated by a woman and her two children. Those kids were AMPED UP, and were bouncing all over the place as we both searched for our stuff. Unfortunately for her, apparently, the woman was looking for items that were across the aisle from where my items were located, so we were basically back to back in our searches. And while I could totally understand that she didn't want me in her space any more than I wanted her in mine, I certainly didn't appreciate when she said not so subtly, "It's a good thing I'm skinny, I guess."

Yeah. Yeah, I guess it IS a good thing she was skinny. Because being fat is soooo unfortunate. And I'm taking up sooooo much room with my 45 inch hips and 42 inch waist and my great, big, HUGE, 13 inch neck! (It's always 13 inches when my trainer measures it. It's weird.)

It wasn't like I was bending over, taking up more than my half of the aisle. Fuck, her CART was bigger than my ass is! In fact, what probably made her feel more crowded were her obnoxious kids that were moving all over the place, obviously bored with their mother's choice of tasks. I was just standing in front of the mascaras, looking for one that might lengthen and strengthen my lashes as I wore it. That's all.

I didn't say anything, though. I just kept looking for my stuff, and ignored her skinny ass. I wish I had turned around and said, "Excuse me?" But I didn't. I was more in the mood to just get on with my evening, and not call out some rude-ass skinny bitch on her fucking issues with my size.

But thinking back on it makes me wish I had held her accountable for her rudeness. I don't know if she maybe thought she was speaking more under her breath, or what. I got the idea that she wanted me to hear her expression of frustration with my choice to shop right behind her the way I did.

People suck, is all.

Now I shall go forth and have a happy Friday, and tomorrow will have a fun Cinqo de Mayo with my husband. We are going to a party at his personal trainer's house. And we will apparently be required to take on a Mexican name as we enter the home, and I shall dub myself Zoila and Leo will be called Senior Guapo, and we will drink margaritas, and be nice to everyone around us. Even the skinny ones.

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faithstwin said...

I had a lovely group of boys yell, "FAT AAASSSSSSS," at me when I was crossing a parking lot one day a couple of weeks ago. It hurt. Mainly because they don't know how hard I am working to make it NOT so fat anymore. But also because it was so unnecessary.

Oldest literally went down to an entirely different level in the mall yesterday to yell at a kid we witnessed yanking on a puppy's tail in the 'pet store' from an opening in the second floor. He claimed he was just playing with it but Oldest pointed out he was making a poor animal already miserable by being in a tiny little cage more miserable by yanking on it's tail. (We watched as the puppy tried turning around to lick the kids hand trying to get him to stop... then he turned so the kid could only reach his head- why he didn't crawl to the other side of the 'cage' to get away from the punk, I have no idea.) But Oldest put him in his place and he walked away to join his mother and apparently his sister who were acting appropriately with the puppies on the other side.

I'm sorry the stupid Mom was so rude. Not cool...