Wednesday, May 30, 2012

So, the Twin might have Sepsis

The Twin is showing signs of a pretty bad infection right now. (She had a breast reduction a couple of weeks ago. The signs of infection kicked in over the weekend.)

I'm worried about her, because I'm thousands of miles away, and can't do much from here except to worry. Her oldest daughter is worried, too. So the Twin and I looked up symptoms of Sepsis today while we were on the phone together, and she thinks she's ok while I'm pretty sure she's got it.

She has a fever.
She has chills, and was shaking pretty uncontrollably under a blanket this morning before taking the kids to school.
She had a rash on her legs yesterday, although she says it's gone today. I don't know if that's a good thing or not.
Her heartrate was elevated earlier today. She says she feels fine right now.

Other symptoms are dizziness and confusion, which she hasn't experienced so far. I told her to make sure her kids know what to watch for, and if anything like that happens, they need to call 911. She tried to tell me she'd just have her oldest drive her to the hospital, but I nixed that. Firstly, the oldest will be FREAKING OUT if her mom gets any sicker. Secondly, she needs to get immediate care if the confusion thing sets in. So 911, please, Twin. Don't be a fucking hero. I will pay the ambulance bill, if your insurance doesn't cover it, dammit!

For those that are unaware, the Twin has type 1 diabetes. And we're 38 years old. She's had 2 kids. So when shit like this pops up, I get a little bothered. She's healthy as hell, though. She walks a lot. She just had her blood panel done right before the reduction surgery, and her cholesterol numbers would make you jealous. (I was jealous!) She has been very good about seeing her endocrinologist for the last several years, keeping up with her blood testing levels and making sure she's on the right track with her insulin and blood sugars and all that.

But having diabetes just makes her more susceptible to this kind of stuff. So let's all encourage her to take care of her damned self in this case, shall we? Think good thoughts. Send healthy vibes. Do whatever voodoo you need to do. I told her that I will fly out there just to kick her ass, so I did my job already. Now it's my readers' turn. Give it all you got, guys!


faithstwin said...

Whatever that antibiotic shot they gave me in my ass seems to have helped the infection for now. I still have to take another 10 days of antibiotics but it's for the best. I was in pain from that stupid intramuscular shot of crap for a couple of hours though. Sheesh! (I guess it's better than being put in the hospital.) I ran a fever through the night but woke up with less redness (and the boobs are cooler than they were) and didn't have any chills.

I'll be fine. Thanks for the concern- it means a lot, dude. =)

Faith said...

I told Leo that the shot had to hurt pretty bad for you to say it hurt! But yes, definitely better than being in the hospital.

Yay for no chills! I'll call you later to chat...