Monday, May 14, 2012

Summer activities on my mind...

We opened our pool a little early this year. Unfortunately, it wasn't to take advantage of the early warm days we've been having in the midwest this spring, but instead to repair a bunch of damaged stuff that was making it look broke down and sad. Cracked and broken tiles on the little fountain...the drain covers that were both cracked and missing pieces. We also wanted to switch to a saltwater cleaning system, so we don't have to use chlorine. We were planning that in the future, but since we were totally draining the pool to deal with the tiles and the drain covers, we can do it right away.

Yay...? (All of this is relatively expensive, but like Mike Holmes says, if you're going to do something, you should do it right the first time. We don't want to go through this whole pool-draining thing again anytime soon. I can only imagine the water bill for it, and I'm not looking forward to it, dammit...)

Anyway, the one fun part of this all was that we got to pick out new tile for the pool. I got some crummy pictures of the updated tiles yesterday after the pool guys left, and it looks so much better than the old, boring tile! I picked what I consider to be a sort of preppy pattern. It's all argyle, and shit. But it's tough to see that pattern in the photos. Just trust me. It looks argyle in person. 

So this is what our empty pool looks like today:
Still waiting for them to tile the fountain. There was some cement work that had to be done first, and that needs to cure/dry before it can be tiled. So the tile will hopefully go up sometime this week:

 I tried to get a more close-up shot of the tile, but I don't think it worked. ::sigh::
Anyway, the goal is to be swimming in the newly fixed/updated pool by the time the first week of June is here. So excited!

Also, yesterday while we were on a walk with the puppies, Leo noted the fact that we have tennis courts in our community play area down the street, and said that we should play there.

Cue my disbelief face. Because I have been trying to convince that dude to play tennis with me for 2 years now, and he always said he didn't want to because it was "a rich person sport." Now, I dunno what the fuck that's supposed to mean, and how it effects us because we totally have courts here at my work location that are free as the day is long for us to use. LOTS of places around the country have free courts. I used to play on one in Pasadena that was a part of a park by the Rose Bowl. And other ones that were a part of community college campuses both in Pasadena and in Mission Viejo. Loads of places have courts that anyone can use at any time. So, aside from having to obtain a racket and a few balls, it really is the most free sport there is, next to running.

So apparently, he's been thinking about it, and he's finally going to allow me to teach him how to play, and now we can go and play and have some fun one or two nights a week, hitting the balls around and maybe playing a match or two. WOO!


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