Wednesday, May 16, 2012

UPDATE: Twitches and cravings

I'm totally craving a burrito today. Out of control craving that is eating (ha!) away at my brain.

My eye twitch is completely out of control, as well. This week has been miserable with it.

The funny thing is, just sitting here now, typing this eye twitch.

But when I was talking to my coworker about flights to Stockholm for our bosses? Ridiculous eye twitch. Embarrassing, really.

So as long as I sit and keep my mouth shut, apparently the eye twitch is manageable. However, sitting and doing nothing makes me think about the delicious burrito that I wish I could eat. Sometimes, I'm a fan of just saying Fuck It! and giving in to cravings, because I'm almost convinced that it makes them go away for a long time when you just let go of the crazy and allow the taboo food to enter your belleh. But I'm on Weight Watchers, and having some level of success with it over the last couple of weeks, and I want to keep that roll going. I'm also still primal, and so the burrito obviously doesn't fit into that way of eating, thanks to the wonderful tortilla that holds it all together. (And don't even suggest a burrito bowl to me as a compromise. Already tried that last week! Didn't work...booooo.)

Is there anything weirder than a fat chick walking around with a nervous facial tick she can't control? ::sigh:: I'm so awesome.

UPDATE 12:15 p.m.: Yeah, I went and got a fucking burrito. I calculated out the points of what I can usually eat of a Chipotle burrito (about 3/4 of the burrito is plenty for me - I got one with brown rice, chicken, mild salsa, and lettuce), and it fit within my daily points. I even have 3 left over for the day. I can use that for half a glass of wine, or ignore it, and lose more weight this week.

But this eye twitch can go fuck itself, dammit. Why won't it go away?


faithstwin said...

I'm pretty happy with my less-gluten=better blood sugars= I feel better thang but I just give in every few days or so. I had toast the other morning (well, the girls were gonna make me hawaiian sweet bread french toast for Mama's Day and I was all, "Aww, you guys are so sweet, but I can't do that..." so I compromised with eggs and a piece of sourdough toast.) And there's nothing like having sugery and sitting around every day with very little activity to kill an appetite.

I am facing the grim reality that I eat pretty darned well and my problem is I need to work out every day for, like, 3 hours in order to lose weight. *sigh*

Faith said...

Joining weight watchers has helped, actually. While being primal has helped me feel great and kicked my stomach issues to the curb, I was still not controlling my portions enough. And weight watchers is helping me with that.

Also, not having wine almost every night helps.

And, as always, trying to ignore the fact that I live with a guy who has a bottomless pit when it comes to his metabolism. That can be so distracting, dammit!

I walk almost every day, and do my weight lifting twice a week, and I'm losing consistently so far!