Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I don't like you, Rielle Hunter. but dammit, get a new hairstyle!

It's like a "Mrs. Brady", but with a little extra fluff.

This woman isn't exactly someone I give two shits about, but since she's plastering herself all over the media lately, I get to see her more often than I like, and damn. That hair is just BAD.

Someone please tell me if my hair ever gets bad like that. I think that without the shaggy ends, and a slightly shorter bang, she'd be in a better spot. But that's not how it's been done. And she looks like a tool.

Ooooh...wait a minute! Maybe this was an excellently carried out plan by her hairdresser to make her look toolish, so she could match her book better while on tour! That would make sense!!!

Ok, ignore me. Carry on with the toolish haircut, Rielle. And I hope your book sales TANK. :D

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