Friday, June 01, 2012

Ok, what would you do if you were me?

So the Twin thought she might get better, and then she didn't, and now today, she's getting worse.

She keeps telling me not to worry, but I don't know if that's a fried brain talking, or what.

Her oldest is pretty concerned, and was crying when they saw the doctor today, which made the doctor tell her that she shouldn't worry...everything will be fine!

But WHEN will it be fine? And should I fly out there? I'm pretty fucking pissed at myself for not flying out there today. I should've done that, dammit. I can fly out tomorrow, no problem. I told the Twin to let me know. She's waiting on her new prescription, and then they did a blood test that will apparently let them know if she has a blood infection, definitively (WHY DIDN'T THEY DO THAT 2 DAYS AGO???), and she'll let me know if I should come out after that.

I'm thinking I'll just cancel my hair appointment I have for tomorrow, and head out there without waiting to hear back from her. What do you guys think?


Fluffycat said...

I think if you are concerned that she's not taking care of herself or not getting the best care at her doctor's office, then flying out would work. I guess it depends on if you feel like you are doing it out of feelings of concern or what. I have heard a lot of horror stories of people not getting the best care because they were too sick to ask for it, and I'm guessing that her kids aren't old enough yet to understand how to push for that. Not to freak you out further, of course. I hope it works out.

Patti said...


Faith said...

Her oldest is 15.5, fluffycat. And while we do have other siblings that are out there that could help with everything, I don't know that they're as worried as I am right now, because I'm more in the loop.

I don't know what to dooo! Patti, you think I should go?

Patti said...

You will be worrying endlessly. I am really concerned that she is experiencing these symptoms. My daughter recently had some severe scrape and abrasions from a very weird accident and I needed to have her here so I could assess her condition for myself.
When you are getting progressively sicker sometimes you don't even realize it. You should go. If nothing else you will have a fun weekend with her, helping her out and seeing everyone. Worst case you are there to get her to the doctor and take care of things at home. THose infections are nothing to mess with.
Go. You won't be sorry, but if you don't go you might be sorry you aren't there to help.