Saturday, June 02, 2012

On my way to California...

I'm in Denver right now. Have a 3 hour layover on my way to CA to help out the Twin and her girls for a few days while the Twin gets back on her feet. Admittedly, last night, she sounded a good amount better than she had earlier in the day. So that was encouraging. The thing is, overnight seems to be her enemy lately. So I'm giving her a little longer, and then I'll call her to check and see what's going on. She was still waiting to get her blood tests back as of last night...takes a while to do the kind they're doing, apparently.

It's maddening.

Anyway, my flight to Denver was, um...entertaining. When I bought my ticket yesterday, I chose a seat in a row of 3 that were still open, and so the middle seat would conceivably be open between me and the guy in the aisle...

...UNLESS, someone bought that ticket between 4 p.m. yesterday and 7 a.m. this morning, that is.

So we sat there, fingers crossed, and had a pretty good go of it until this burly young dude got on, and sat down between us.

He was 25. His name was Bill.

And he was still drunk from last night's shenanegans, apparently. Hahahahahaumyeah.

He was actually really articulate for a dude who apparently blacked out at about 2 a.m., according to his recollection. He had been at a bachelor party for his sister's future husband. And he's on his way to LA today in a sudden manner, because his boss called him out to Las Vegas to work on his sport book. (Had to go to LA to meet with his boss first, before they both fly to Vegas on Monday, I guess.) Or something. I don't know what he did for a living, really. He said he works for a guy that's pretty rich (worth $70M), and his specific job is to bet on sports for him, basically. I dunno. The guy sitting on the other side of him said he sounded like a male prostitute to him. Hahahahaha! Yeah, I can see that.

But I didn't mind chatting with him. He was a little loud after a while. And he smelled like alcohol (when he first sat down and got settled, he leaned over and asked me, "Hey, do I smell like alcohol?" And I said, "Um, YES." But it wasn't gross. He immediately explained about the bachelor party thing, and I understood. And then we took off, and I was looking out the window (like I do), and he poked me and I looked over to see him making a KISSY FACE at me!

I couldn't help it, I laughed. And then I said, "Dude, you are weird!" And he agreed. And said he was kidding.

I guess it was a good thing we chatted the whole way, because HGTV was all reruns anyway. (Frontier Airlines = live TV on the plane!!!) And it was a distraction from all the crazy going on right now.

I'm looking forward to seeing the Twin, and helping her out now. Thanks to everyone for their prayers, good vibes, and responses to my "what do I doooooo?" questions this week. This kind of shit just scares me, is all. Having people giving me their feedback is grounding, somehow. :)

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Nuke said...

Hoping the Twin has a speedy recovery!!!

I didn't chime in on the "should you go" question because I was of 2 minds at the time. But with a little longer to think about it I think you made the perfect decision for your situation. It will make you feel better, and even if there is nothing to "do" never underestimate the support one feels when somebody flys half way across the country to support them.