Wednesday, June 27, 2012

You know what they say about assuming...

Nurse: So you're still taking propranolol?

Me: Yep.

Nurse: What's the dose?

Me: Still 160 mgs.

Nurse: And that's for hypertension?

Me: (!!!) Um, no. I have cluster headaches.

Her: Ok.

Me: Because I'm fat, right? So I must have hypertension?

Her: Not necessarily...I's a beta blocker. And that's what beta blockers are used for.

Me: Mmhmm...among many, many other things.

Her: Yes, sorry! Ok, any other new prescriptions?

I like that nurse. I don't mean to be bitchy at. all. to people like her who have to work day in and day out in a job where they have to watch the doctor they work for look into vaginas for hours upon hours.

But GODDAMMIT. How about if you ASK me why I take the med instead of shoving some random incorrect idea out into the air that's going to hang there like a big neon SIGN that says "you're FAT, and therefore you MUST BE unhealthy!!! Fatty McFatfatFAT!"?

Yes, I'm aware that I have issues. ::sigh:: I'm dealing with them, slowly.


GB, RN said...

An innocent mistake. I would have immediately thought HTN with that drug as I seldom see it used for anything else. Maybe she was along the same mindset.

Faith said...

She's super-nice, and I've seen her the last two times I've been in to see my gyno. I just was caught off guard that she would offer up a guess for what the med was for, vs asking me why I'm taking it.

I've been snappy lately with stuff like that. I don't know why. Like at the chiropractor office the other day, the front desk girl who sees me once a week every week and has been there for over 3 months now said, "Tara, right?" when she saw me. And I said, "No, it's [my real name]. But you were close." Part of me feels like a total bitch for snapping at her like that (I did NOT say it in a joking way, but was rather serious), but part of me feels like COME ON! How do you not remember my simple-ass and common name at this point? And then I saw Tara, and she was a chubby girl with long dark hair (mine is short and red), so I can see why she mixed us up, but still. Get to know your customers, yo!

I need a vacation, I think. :/

Masorti said...

Honestly, If you were my patient and I saw that drug on your meds list I would have thought HTN as well.

Day in and day out patients (I never say customers, they arent customers in my line of work) either leave out meds or completely LIE about why they take it. When we assume HTN its because of how common it is and the meds thats associated with it.

It sounds to me that your self esteem got the best of you and YOU made the assumption this round. Though, my response would have been to educate you..that there are MANY MANY MORE SKINNY PEOPLE WITH HTN THAN FAT ONES! Just sayn :-)

Faith said...

My self esteem gets the better of me a majority of the time, fo sho.

But still. I've never had anyone just guess at why I take that drug. It's weird. Everyone always wants to know why I take it, and I tell them about the clusters.

I guess it just caught me off guard. And as you can probably guess, I'm just a little tired of people looking at my 210 pound body and assuming that I don't treat it well. That just isn't the case...

faithstwin said...

I love it when my nurses are like, "Are you still taking insulin?" My usual response is, "I am! I enjoy the living thing. Works for me." I love my Kaiser nurses. I love* giving them a smile when they least expect it.

But none of them have ever said a reason why I would be taking something. They just go through the list making sure I am still taking what the system shows I am supposed to be on. My blood pressure meds used to be just for helping keep my kidneys in check- now they do triple duty: help with my hypertension, help keep my kidneys healthy and help reduce my puffiness. *shrug*

*loveloveloveLOVELOVElove. I realized y'all needed some more of that in your day. You're welcome!

GB, RN said...

Also, when we mention things like that, it serves as a segue for the patient to open up and start talking about any concerns or problems they may be having. You would be surprised at some of the new information that spills out in conversations like that.

We also encounter hundreds of people. It's hard to remember the details of every patient. I seem to remember only the really nice ones, and the assholes.

Faith said...

I can only imagine the types of people you must come across on a daily basis as a nurse! I don't know how you all do it! Remembering the extreme ends of the spectrum makes total sense to me.