Tuesday, July 03, 2012

I think I'm going to die of hunger. Goodbye, cruel world!

I'm waiting for my boss to dismiss us early for the holiday. I was hoping he'd do it at noon, but no word yet! And I didn't bring a lunch, or plan to go get one because I figured on him letting us go early.

So I'm sitting here, basically forcing my stomach to eat itself. (I had a small breakfast. Oops!)

Wouldn't that be weird if, after about an hour or so of being too hungry, your stomach just started pulling in nutrients and satisfying itself by using the fat stores on your body? And then you wouldn't be hungry anymore, and you could get on with your day?

I mean, it would have to have limits, of course. But srsly. Scientists or doctors or wonder-mop creators that are bored should get on that kind of invention, STAT. You know you're bored, wonder-mop people! It's been quite some time since you invented that thing, so let's move on to more important stuff, eh?

Good GOD, it's 12:10 now. I'm going to die. UGH...

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