Friday, July 20, 2012

No flippancy on a day like today.

I was going to talk about how Leo went to get Lasik today, and how his surgery almost cost as much as my boob job did, but took literally 10 minutes to do, and how we were coming up with ways to keep him from rubbing his eyes in the 1st days post-op like duct-taping his hands to his knees so he wouldn't be able to reach them.

And then maybe about how fucking hot it is outside, and how it's going to get hotter (HOW???), and how much time will be spent in the pool for the next 7 days.

Or about how my personal trainer warned me that the PIYO class (a mix of pilates and yoga) I want to take tomorrow at the gym will be tough to follow since they do a sort of set routine with their moves, and how I was all, "Well, guess what a great was is to learn those routines? By going to the class!"

And maybe make a comment about how you can always tell when you're looking at a Kennedy because they all have those TEETH.

But it all just seems so fucking stupid now.

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