Monday, August 20, 2012

Good thing I'm working from home, eh?

Um, somehow I blew out a vein in my right eye while I was sleeping on Saturday night.

I just woke up, and BOOM. Pretty.

Today I'm working from home because, well, I'm old, and the weekend almost killed me. So I can work, but need the opportunity for naps and the like. And then there's this whole blown out eyeball issue...

Just in case it helps at all, I'm wearing my glasses today to give my eyeballs a rest. I don't know that it's actually helping. When we looked up how long it might take to heal, it said it could be 10 - 14 DAYS.
I feel so fucking pretty. ::sigh:: And it's not even like I DID anything to cause it! The fuck? My body is so awesome. /sarcasm


Average Jane said...

I had that happen several years ago. Ugh! I ended up going to a bunch of client meetings that way and everyone studiously avoided mentioning it, which I thought was pretty weird. It cleared up in a few days.

faithstwin said...

At least you're smizing in the second shot... ummmm, otherwise? I got nothin'. That's some crazy eye action, yo.