Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Here's a gourd for your enjoyment.

The Twin sent me a text a short time ago, and asked me to please post something new, so those moth photos weren't at the top of my blog page anymore. So I'm doing the best I can. I found this gourd in the grocery store a long while back, but didn't really have any good reason to post it, I don't think. So here you go! Here's an, um, oddly shaped gourd for your viewing pleasure.

I went to a new doctor today to get some blood work done. My chiroproactor/acupuncturist referred me to her, and thought she might be able to help me get to the bottom of a lot of the issues that plague me.

She seems really well-educated. And as I walked out the office, I said, "Sorry for being such a weird case!" And she replied that she loves a challenge like me, so no problem!


Anyway, she took about 7 pints of blood from me, so hopefully they're able to find whatever the hell it is they're looking for. We're starting with a standard panel to check thyroid stuff and blood insulin levels and all that good stuff, I think, and then we'll move on from there to chck into specific food allergies, celiac testing, and to make sure I'm not descended from aliens, I guess. ::shrugs:: It was a LOT of blood. I can't imagine that an alien test isn't involved, somehow!

Good thing is that I'm feeling relatively great this week. I saw my therapist on Tuesday, and she gave me some ideas for how to journal these ups and downs I'm experiencing. Work threw a REALLY difficult task at me yesterday (trying to schedule a meeting for several - like SEVEN - VPs in a week and a half), and the coworkers that are helping me were all really quick with their responses. Home life is fun...we get to go to California next week for my 20th high school reunion from the high school that I didn't even graduate from, which I'm really looking forward to. And we should get some rain this weekend, which is soooo, soooo good for our poor trees!

Anyway, net/net, I'm doing well. It's weird. :/


faithstwin said...

Yes, yes... a penis-and-balls gourd is MUCH better than the mothras you have down below. THANK YOU!

The girls and I get to slum it at the St. Regis this Friday... gotta leave the house for the sudden rat-removal/insulation-attic-repair that needs to get done. LOVELY!

Faith said...

Rats? Or moths? What would be worse...hmmm...

We're replacing our roof soon, and replacing all the insulation at the same time because the kind we have has deteriorated to the point where the attic is the perfect environment for wasps, and the roof type (cedar shingles) invites silverfish. And you know what loves silverfish? SPIDERS. So yeah. Getting rid of that shit soon!