Friday, August 10, 2012

Sometimes, she really can be quite a bitch.

No, Izzy. When I got up to go to the bathroom during a movie break, that was not your cue to steal my spot on the couch!

And trying to steal my KU snuggie, to boot! ::gasp!:: Evil, evil puppeh...trying to look all innocent and shit.

And of course, I just wanna snuggle the shit outta her. Our dogs are so fucking spoiled!

Happy weekend, everyone. I hope the weather where you are is supposed to be as fabulous as ours is where we are!


faithstwin said...

What is the look she is giving you there? Is it the, "Oh crap, I got caught," or the, "Eff off Mama Bear, this is MY warm spot now, bitch!" Or, as her Daddy proves his most useful around our house, the "Huh? Wha? Is there something I can do for you, human?"- as if nothing has happened at alll...

Faith said...

I think she looks kind of like she's just saying, "" to my ass going back into that spot.

She's so fucking cute. :D