Wednesday, August 08, 2012

The Boot Saga

For those that are interested in how the boot issue with Nordstrom went down, here's what happened:

I returned the boots.

This was the boot in question:

Looks black, right? Not very brown at. all. EXACTLY!

But when it arrived at my house, shoe looked brown, yo. I took them out to Leo and asked him, "What color are these boots?" And he immediately replied, "Brown." So there you have it. Irrefutable proof. Men don't fuck around with this sort of shit, dammit.

They were also a little tight, and while I could have managed to put up with the breaking them in had they been the right color, since they were the WRONG color (and they cost so damned much money), I couldn't justify keeping them.

Leo happened to need some new workout shoes this week, anyway. So we went to DSW to use our rewards we'd earned, and to get him a new pair of tennies. And while we were there, I just wandered on over to the boot section.

Where I found these little guys...
And I tried them on, and they felt MAGICAL. And they looked exactly the way I wanted them to (except for the giant buckle...I could do without that, but it's kind of in right now, so whatever), and they cost $50.


And I had a $10 off reward coupon.


So I returned the Rag & Bone boots to Nordstrom (where they were very gracious, as usual, even though they insisted that they were black boots...which they were not, dammit!), and all is well in my closet again.

Now I just need 60 degree weather, and I'll be all set to go. WOO!


Fluffycat said...

They do look blackish-brown in that picture. The new boots look cute, and comfortable is always good!

Faith said...

It was like a worn brown boot, which was cool...if I wasnt't planning on pairing it with black leggings and grey skirts so often. I have a mental block against brown with grey, for some reason.

I DO love the new boots I found, though. DEFINITELY black, and the cost/comfort level makes me infinitely happier. :D