Thursday, September 20, 2012

It just saps you a lil' bit.

We're in the middle of a fundraiser time here at my office. All of our fundraiser events always last 2 weeks. This one in particular is unusually trying to a person because it comes at a time of year when we're all really busy, anyway. We don't have time for it.

But then you're all, "Oh, you don't have time for those needy people that could use your help? Oh, ok. ASSHOLE." And you do what you can to help. (Even if you've decided that this particular organization isn't your thing, and you plan on putting your donation towards something else in the future. ::whistling quietly and sliding out of the picture::)

And so your brain blows up slowly and not so un-bitchily.

On my way to work today, I needed to get over into the left lane so I could make an upcoming left turn. I put on my signal, and looked into my side mirror to make sure the person in that lane saw me, and gave me a little room.

Yeah, bitch closed IN on the person in front of her! Um, HELLO! Turn signal on! Obvs I need to get over, butt!

So I went ahead and got over. Because she was in a Lexus crossover, and I figured that she didn't wanna mess that pretty little thing up by letting my car hit her car by doing something that IT WAS SIGNALING IT NEEDED TO DO.

She backed off, and I was just chuckling at her audacity, and THEN I noticed that she had gotten over into the middle lane that I had been in. So she hadn't even needed to BE in the left fucking lane!

That made me laugh harder, and as I got into my turn lane, I couldn't help but look over at her car as it went by, and she was totally looking at me, so she got to see me full on laughing at her assholeness. (And I might've flipped her off...)

Why can't we all drive friendly*? Why couldn't she have just...let me in, in the first place? Because it was going to mess up her morning so fucking much? I mean, give me a goddammed break. Had she let me in when I signaled I needed to get over, I would have gotten over, and then she would have had the room to get over the way she apparently needed to, and we'd have both moved on with our day without any issue.

But instead, she had to be a dick.

I felt a little higher and mightier than her, not gonna lie. Because I had stuff in the trunk of my car for the moneyraiser my team was throwing today for the overall fundraiser that's going on at work right now. I was giving things to my group. Things that my husband had totally cooked for them, because he likes to give, too.

I'm hoping that after next week is over, the bitchiness will return to normal levels. And my brain will stop blowing up. We'll just have to wait and see, though, now, won't we? ::grins evilly::

*Once you act like a dick towards me, all bets are off, and I am TOTALLY allowed to flip you off and let you know that you are being a dick on the road. It's the rules.

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Ms. Pants said...

I figure if you have the reflexes to speed up when I put my blinker on, you have the reflexes to slow down when I come the fuck over.