Monday, September 24, 2012

Now I'm just downright SICK.

This came on quick. Felt like a flu. FEELS like a flu. Everything hurts. My neck, my hands, my knees, my lower back, my head...

And I have a fever to boot! That's a fun dealio. Taking a shower this morning was painful. But it had to be done. I went and worked out, and it was about halfway through the workout that I realized I wasn't...ok. I managed to finish up without getting sick, and on the drive home, it was weird: my lips were hot, and my body was cold.

So I decided to climb back into bed for a little bit when I got back home, hairstyle be damned, and OHMYGOD it was so fucking cold! I didn't want to get out of bed to turn the fan away from me. (Flashback sequence begins here...just forgive me for my randomness. I have a fucking FEVER.) Last night, I had turned it away from the bed, because I was pretty chilly. I brought a blankey down from the upstairs closet, and huddled down for the night.

And then I woke up a couple hours later just BOILING. Of course. So I tried to get rid of the blankey, but Izzy wasn't having it, so Leo told me to just fold it over to the middle of us, in case I needed it again. That worked out. And then I turned the fan back in the direction of the bed. I woke up this morning without too much trouble at 4:35, and went to meet with the trainer at the gym.

And then all that stuff at the top of this post happened, and anyway, I'm fucking sick. I have a fan on me at work right now because my head is hot again. At least I don't have the shivers right now! I think that's the worst part of a damned fever, eh? I'm not sure. Maybe having the fever in the first place is the worst part?

I dunno where this thing came from, but the clinic I dropped in to earlier today said it was a virus. I have my acupuncture appointment tonight, so I'm going to ask him to do something to get rid of it. Just get it out of me! Don't care how many needles it takes! (I tolerate them well, though. If you're not a needle person, it's probly best you don't go up to an acupuncturist and say something like that to them.)

In the meantime, let's hope this isn't El Grande of the side effects from my new drug I'm taking for the hemifacial spasms. I'm already experiencing one of the side effects that I'm supposed to call my doctor immediately about when it happens, but I have an appointment with him on Friday, so it seems silly to call him now. The Twin said I should, though, so I will tomorrow. ::sigh::

I wish I had a normal face.

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