Monday, October 15, 2012

Why go to a bar when you can just stay in the basement?

This is entirely a Leo Smith creation. I was a fortunate bystander in the whole thing, really.

Sometimes, there are two games on that you want to watch. And they're on at the same time, but on different channels. So how do you deal with that kind of connundrum?

Record one while watching the other, and watch the recording later? Sure...that's an option in many homes nowadays.

Go to a bar that has more than one game on at a time? I suppose. But you can't wear your jammies to a bar without opening up the possibility of people pointing and laughing/scaring people.

How about you get a cable splitter, get a TV from a room that no one is in very often, and hook it up right next to your other TV that you usually watch things on?

::sigh:: I love my basement.


"The D" said...

How about you get Direct tv? Tune in to Sports Mix and watch 8 games at once on the same channel. There is also a News mix.

You know you want it.

Faith said...

Blech. No Direct TV. It's a dish thing, right? I rely on TV to keep me calm during things like thunderstorms. And if the TV goes out? I will LOSE MY MIND.

Worse than usual, I mean.

Plus, having a bunch of stuff on one screen like that? Seems like a recipe for a seizure. Especially for a messed up brain like mine!

Leo likes to be all creative like this from time to time. It's bad enough the dude has to live with my ass...I can't take away his small bouts of fun with technology, can I? That would just be mean. ;)

Xavier Onassis said...

Congratulations. You are now living my life. With sports instead of SciFi, superheroes and porn, but still. Just sayin'. You have become ME! Bwahahhahahahahaha!!!!!!

And The Cult grows!

Nora said...

I need your basement. Seriously.