Monday, November 26, 2012

Update on my face: a study in IPL Therapy for Melasma

I promised to do this a while ago. But I forget to take pics of myself without makeup on in between my IPL treatments. So here's the post that explains what I'm doing to my face over the course of about 5 months, and started doing in October. I didn't think to take a "before" picture of myself, because honestly, I thought that most pictures that I have of myself have captured the melasma pretty well...until I looked closely at the pictures I have of myself.


So the best example I have is a photo taken soon after I returned from my honeymoon back in 2007. A crazy long time ago, I know! But, of course, the melasma hadn't really healed itself since then. So this is the before:

I think there's been a real improvement, especially now that I'm about 4 weeks out from the last treatment I had back at the end of October. There will be 5 all together, and that was treatment #2. Here's my face as of this morning:

Pardon the puffiness. I just came off of an alcohol and gluten-filled weekend of Thanksgiving awesomeness with the in laws!

I can see a REAL improvement, now that I'm seeing those photos side by side. I've been noticing it, too, when I put on my makeup every day, and even feel more comfy running around post workouts without any makeup on.

Treatment #3 is this Thursday, and as treatment #2 was a wee bit more hurty than the first treatment was, I'm hoping it's not an incremental thing when it comes to the pain scale. We'll see. 

I'll keep posting pics of the improvement as it occurs. Wish me luck!

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faithstwin said...

Hopefully this comment will go thru- THAT'S what I meant to tell you earlier when I couldn't remember. SO! It looks good! I don't know if I'm willing to deal with pain in order to make my face look better. Esp after all the shit I've gone through lately.