Tuesday, November 06, 2012

"Walking Dead" this week...WTF??? (Spoilers inside!)

We just caught up on the Walking Dead episode from Sunday after we finished dinner last night, and can I just ask everyone else who watches: What the fuck just happened???

Lori is dead?

And Rick's reaction? Give me a BREAK. That guy...GRRR! Do not get me started.

Anyway, what do you think is gonna happen? They didn't actually show Lori getting her brains blown out by Carl, which is odd for them, so I'm thinking that maybe he didn't really kill her. Maybe he's hoping that they can fix her up like they did for Hershel and his leg? She wasn't dead, and she wasn't wounded by a walker/biter/zombeh, so I don't see why she had to die, anyway. Maybe Carl was the only one in that room with a little sense to realize that if they managed to get help in time, she could recover?

What a fucked up episode, though. MAN.


Xavier Onassis said...

I predict that as he grows older, Carl will have "issues".

Pam said...

Well, she did die in the comic book.

Have you ever read Television Without Pity? We call it TWOP in our house, as it is a discussion forum for a couple of our favorite shows. Here's the link for this week's episode: http://forums.televisionwithoutpity.com/index.php?showtopic=3215908&st=0

I heard an interview with the actress. I think she's really dead.

Faith said...

Yeah, I read something about how she died in the comic book in an article I found yesterday, and it makes sense that not ALL of them are gonna make it, for sure.

I just think it's odd that they didn't show Carl shooting her. It was confusing!

Not that that show isn't a bit "off" now and then, of course. But still...that was a pretty big death to miss!

Nuke said...

If you remember when Rick had to put Sophia down it showed a scene of him firing and then a scene of her dropping. That's because of a wieird rule they fall under where they film that has something to do with not showing chiildren and violence together. related? I dunno.

I agree that it seems like we have seen Carl cap off plenty of walkers, but in this case I think it's respectful to Lori not to show her brains splatter.

Now if the was in Woodsbarry I could totally see the governer's pet lab guy keep her alive to experiment on (which I think is a fate in store for Michonne).

Noble Rot said...

She's dead. Bled out during the c-section. But, let's be honest, she really should have been dead within three days of the zombie apocalypse anyway.

Rick hates Carl now, and I wouldn't be surprised (if the series lasts long enough) if Carl becomes the guy who also kill Rick (Oedipus much?).

Pam said...

Have you watched the latest episode yet? Seriously, the phone rings?