Friday, December 07, 2012

Can I have a moat installed around my intestines, maybe?

I'm sick again. Not as sick as the last time I got sick. But I guess that really remains to be seen, since I'm either at the beginning of something not fun, or it's just a 24/36/48 hours of something not fun. We'll have to wait it out a bit to be sure.

No fever this time, but the stomach pain, nausea, and Intestinal Issues Which Shall Remain Nameless are about as enjoyable as a fever would be. I ate a popsicle for breakfast yesterday, stayed home from work so I could keep the misery to myself, drank Sprite and water intermittently, and then ate soup and rice for dinner.

That went about as well as I expected it to. I was hungry, but my stomach was having NONE OF IT! To which I say, CAN YOU MAKE UP YOUR DAMNED MIND, STOMACH???

I went to bed moaning and feeling sorry for myself, but somehow managed to make it through the night without getting up at all. (Well, except for once at about 11:30, when I thought it would be fun to yell at Leo for no reason. Don't ask, because I cannot explain it for the life of me. ::shrugs::)

Today I feel more chipper, and the stomach pain is definitely less apparent, but the other stuff (the nausea, the lack of appetite, and, additional problems) is hanging in there. I'm at work, drinking an iced tea (caarefully....), and trying to ignore any sharp pains that come and go in the stomach region.

I don't know how the fuck I got this, is the issue. I've been taking my probiotics (which my trainer likes to refer to as "expensive placebos", but dammit, my ass is better than it's been in 5 years, so if it takes expensive placebos to achieve ass happiness? I will TAKE those expensive placebos until death, thankyouverymuch!), washing my hands a lot, staying away from any little people that might come across my path inadvertently...

So where did this damned bug come from? I almost wonder if it's my own fault; if it's my Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man of the week because I really needed help getting back on a weight-loss track before I get weighed/measured again by my trainer (supposed to happen yesterday morning, but I was too sick to go to the gym), so earlier this week I actually thought about whether I'd be willing to be sick again like the last time in order to lose 5 more pounds...?

Yes, this is how my sad-ass brain works, my friends. I'm not anorexic; I'm not bulimic; I'm...whatever you would call someone who looks to intestinal problems for help with losing weight. Awesome.

But not really.

I don't think. Hmm. :/

Ok, this is turning more into a private journal thing, and less of a blog post thing. SO. Happy Friday! I hope your intestines are treating you well!


Nuke said...

I was cooped up Monday & Tuesdy with gastric distress. Doctor said something viral was going around, usually 2-3 days in duration. He said it is spreading thru families or those that work with kids like wildfire, but isn't restricted to them.

I recovered in a little less than 48 hours, so hope you are back to good health soon!

Faith said...

I'm feeling much better as the day progresses, so hopefully, that was the worst of it yesterday!

Hope you're feeling better, too! It certainly wasn't anything fun to go through...