Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I'm reconsidering the brain surgery thing.

My appointment with the neurosurgeon is tomorrow. We're just discussing the option of the microvascular decompresion surgery to get rid of my hemifacial spasm, but two issues are on my mind:

- It's supposed to snow for the first time this season overnight tonight. My appointment isn't until 2 in the afternoon, but still...we're not sure how much snow to expect, and I just HATE getting out on the road on the first snowy drive day of the year. I'd much rather avoid that aggro if possible. (I'm not afraid to drive in it...but rather, I'm afraid of those around me that are afraid/have a lack of sense when it comes to driving in it!)

- My spasm has calmed WAY DOWN in the last 2 months. It's still face is still off kilter all the time. But it doesn't bother me as much as it had been doing. My vision is ok, and my twitching isn't as severe when it's happening. That makes it much more tollerable, in the long run.

So should I even look into the surgery if I don't have to right now? Maybe I should put it off for a while, and look into it again in a year or so.

That's basically all that's on my mind right now. (Aside from the myriad issues that have popped up for the Twin over the last few weeks that I'm not sure she's so keen on sharing with my readers, so I've been keeping them to myself. Just wanted to make sure you all knew that I wasn't all consumed with only ONE THING right now.)

Although considering brain surgery isn't exactly like picking out a new dress. It's definitely an important issue to consider, if you have to consider it at all!

Anyway, I hope everyone is staying safe and warm in the last few days before the Christmas holiday, and that everyone who celebrates Hanukkah had a great one this year. Not sure if I'll be updating again before next week, so ta for now!

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faithstwin said...

If you get bored you can talk about my boob within a boob if ya want. Or my ear cancer. Isokay. (Either way, both are fine- just so anyone reading this is concerned.)

Or you could wrap up this week by talking about a few issues people seem to be missing the mark on lately. Such as leggings worn as pants, unnecessary meanness in comments on news stories, people not putting clothing on after they have worked out before they go run errands; linking to some fun online contests; parusing the best of craigslist and linking to some of those...