Thursday, December 13, 2012

The first of its kind.

An online friend passed away early this morning after a long time battle with brain cancer, tumors, seizures, and painful blood clots that really fucking sucked and GODDAMMIT.

I'm having a hard time moving past the shock of the news. I just read about it a few minutes ago, really, so I guess I need to give myself more time to let it sink in. But it weird that I'm feeling this way about a person and their family when I've never had the true pleasure of actually meeting them?

Her name is Ashley. And she had a lovely husband, and a beautiful little girl. And a case of tumors that just would not let her be.

And now she's gone. And finally has some peace!

But at what expense???

All I can say is rest in peace, lovely Ashley. Your family loves you. Your online community loves you. And you will be SO MISSED. :(


faithstwin said...

I'm sorry dude. =(

Faith said...

Thanks. I feel better today...had a good old-fashioned cry last night, and today I am sufficiently hung over and stuffy-headed from the wine/crying I had/did. It feels cathartic, in some weird way.

I still feel so odd mourning a person I never met, but she was just active in the community a few fucking DAYS ago...and now she's gone. It's just surreal in a lot of ways. :/