Monday, December 03, 2012

They don't really use a fork, right...?

I'm considering brain surgery. For my hemifacial spasm. You know, the thing that I've talked about before when it was literally driving me so crazy, I came close to shutting myself into my basement and never coming out again?

Yep. Brain surgery. :/

I can try botox first. It's a less permanent (but still relatively useful) method to the madness that is a constant full facial twitch. I'd have to go in every 3 - 6 months for injections. And there's a possibility that my eye wouldn't close properly, or that I'd still feel the twitching underneath the botox treatment, which is basically a big ol' nightmare for me.

The surgery would be permanent.

But its on, um, the brain and all that good stuff.

I'm meeting with the neurosurgeon on the 20th. And the neurologist I met with that offered the botox as a solution was a very nice guy. I felt bad turning down his botox offer in such a final manner, but he handled it well. He told me to feel free to email him if I have questions, even after I see the surgeon. He said he can translate for me if I don't understand certain stuff the surgeon tells me.

I talked to my sister last week about the whole thing. She's a doctor of pharmacy, and a pretty smart cookie. She said she has botox injections all the time (she's close to 50 years old, so she uses it for laugh lines, or what have you), and she asked me to consider that before I would just run all gung ho into a situation where someone is operating on my brain.

But the thing is, the wouldn't be injected into lines between my eye brows. Or to help with crows feet near my temples.

It would be injected into strategic spots that are known to help with the hemifacial spasming. Like into the inner corners of my eyelid, and also on the outer edge of the same eyelid. And then in my cheek. And possibly into the corner of my mouth. I might wind up with an uneven look to my face, since the injections would just be on the left side. And then there's that whole "needle injecting POISON into my EYELID" issue to consider. That's where people have had trouble with not being able to fully close their eye again for months after the injection. Or the mouth thing...people just drool involuntarily because of that one, sometimes.

But, it ain't brain surgery! No one would be sticking a fork into my neuro bits!


I don't know why my neuro-system seems to hate me so much, but I suppose it could be worse. So I'll just count my blessings. BLAH.


faithstwin said...

That drooling thing would be workable- you just have to make sure there's a George Clooney look alike standing near by at all times, or have a plate of wings sitting next to you. Taken care of, yo. That's why I'm here.

Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follow my blog

faithstwin said...

ooOOOoooo!!! STEVE invited you to VISIT HIS BLOG! I wonder if I can go... Steve? Can I come along to the blogparty, too?

Faith said...

Hahahaha! Hey, if Steve's blog invite places me in a location that looks like his avatar photo, I'm TOTALLY gonna follow that shit!

But I doubt that it would. So Steve can go blow himself.

And now I want wings, Twin. THANKS.

faithstwin said...

No, no. You should totally go see Steve's blog- I went ahead and invited myself and I found out some very enlightening things about Steve. He is ALLLL hooked up with some very special groups.

It all can depend on who you know and what you read including THE BIBLE. (It's his fav book, just fyi)

Nuke said...

I'm gonna skip Steve's page. I have read the Bible (no joke, the whole thing) and it starts sloooow and has a gloomy ending.

As for the twitch Faith, Botox has weirded me out since I first heard of it. But like heart surgery, there really is no such thing as minor brain surgery. Only by comparison. That said I have faith, no pun intended, that you will weigh all your options and make the best choice for yourself. And I for one will be wishing you the best whatever you choose.

Faith said...

I was looking up pictures of the surgery that would be done, and found a description of it on the ever reliable Wikipedia, and I'm not gonna lie, I didn't realize that they would have to remove a part of my SKULL in order to get at the nerve involved.

I'm imagining the headaches I'll have to deal with post-op, and it freaks me out a little bit.

I'll meet with the surgeon and get more info before I 100% make up my mind, of course. It sucks that these two options are the only ones I have, really, aside from just living with the damned twitch.

Thank you for your well wishes, Nuke! I really, really appreciate them. ::hugs::