Monday, January 14, 2013

Colon Games: About as fun as they sound.

I've talked about this shit (heh) here before, and I'm going to have to talk about it again.

This post will be about my ass. Just a fair warning to those who would prefer NOT to read about my ass!

It's not about my ass being cute. That's the last warning...

So, for many years, I've been dealing with discomfort, unhappiness, and general malaise in the area of my stomach, guts, and ass. Back in 2010, it started getting bad enough for me to seek medical help for...whatever the fuck was happening, and it was decided that it was likely just IBS.

And then in 2011, it got to the point where I couldn't sit down, my ass hurt so much. I talked about what I was dealing with here, and then a bit more here, and a lot more here...and basically, August of 2011 is a good archive to check out if you have any questions about colonoscopies, fissures, and bleeding in places you shouldn't be bleeding from.

I haven't experienced problems like that for a LONG time. My IBS seems much more under control, and my stomach is pretty happy a lot of the time. I take supplements to help with candida (which I've been diagnosed with in the last year), and I've added a pretty strong probiotic that I take on a daily basis as well.

My shitting is much happier than it had been, is what it comes down to.

But right before Christmas, I had a pretty huge...hemorrhage, or something like it, and it was a shock. There was no pain, and there was no indication that a fissure had been reopened, or anything. It just...was a lot of blood.

Very odd.

And then that was it. I kept watch for a few days, but nothing else happened. So I moved on.

But now today is happening. Today started with a similar amount of blood earlier, and has continued throughout the day. I have no accompanying pain again, which is disconcerting.

I don't know if I should call the doctor, or if these are two random and unconnected episodes that have nothing to do with anything internal that might be happening.

But if it was a fissure, I would know. (If you've ever had one, you understand what I mean!) And if it were a hemmorhoid, same thing, right? I'd know. I think I would, anyway. :/

I guess it might be time for another colonoscopy. Damn...

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faithstwin said...

Awww, dude. I'm sorry! I always believe in calling an urgent care to get a nurses advice or something. I bet anything they would say go get an appt to see a doctor ASAP!