Thursday, January 31, 2013

He gets puppy-hugs every day, believe me.

Jake (a.k.a. Baby Puppeh, Bub-Bub, Little Man, etc, etc...) is not keen on letting Leo and I do things without him being involved. It's kind of a cute quality, really. And it's a good thing he's little, I suppose!

Joining us for dinner, clearly enthralled by what Alisha has to say...

If we're sitting at the kitchen island, HE is sitting at the kitchen island!
Are we lying around on our back right now? OK!

Here...let me give you something to stretch towards...rub mah belleh!
My dogs make me smile every day...cannot imagine our household without them!

I'm feeling better this week, but don't have much on my mind to post about. So I thought I'd share the pics instead. Hope everyone else is getting by all right!

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kcbelles said...

Love the puppeh pictures! Too precious, especially the laying on our backs one - too cute!