Friday, January 04, 2013

Recipe for BLAH: Throw brain into blender. Hit "on" button. Pour and serve at room temp.

I’m totally dressed like a sloppy cowgirl clown person today. I don’t feel cute or pretty, dammit. It’s like this slapdash look that came out of comfortable items that all look well and good enough on their own, but thrown together in this way? Yeah, sloppy cowgirl clown achieved.

From the neck down, anyway. I don’t think my makeup qualifies as clownish at all. Can’t say for sure, though. My lack of judgment IS what allowed me to leave the house in this fucking stupid outfit, after all!

I still consider it a step up from what I had wanted to come to work in, though…which was a pair of old yoga pants that I wear only around the house now because I’m pretty sure you can see through parts of the fabric in the ass area, thanks to their age/amount of use I’ve gotten out of them.

I was comfortable. I didn’t want to change in order to be presentable to the outside world! Gaaaah.

Getting back into a routine of work/home/workout/sleep after an odd amount of vacation/work from home time has been difficult for me. Last week was spent in California with the Twin and her daughters a majority of the time. This week was spent alternately with me throwing up (Universe: “Here’s a nice norovirus for you there to kick off the new year!” Me: “ UGH. Um, no?” Universe: “Sorry, no choice on this one! Now, hurl your guts out for the next 14 hours! Have fuuuuuun!”), relaxing, entertaining a couple of out of town family members that were briefly passing through town on their way home from their own holiday excursion, and being back in the office.

My brain feels like it’s been thrown into a blender on a medium speed “chop” function. It mildly sucks ASS.

I have no resolutions. I have no plans for the year. I barely have plans for the next month. So to all of you who have goals and ideas and plans and wonderful ambition for the year ahead, you’re an inspiration. Really.

I’m not being sarcastic at all. I swear. I’m totally jumping up and down with excitement for you inside.

Come back next week, and I’ll maybe be jumping around OUTSIDE, too. You never know. (See above about the no plans thing…)

I’ll look around for a slap in the ass this weekend, I promise. If I can get my brain to stop jumping all over the place, that is…

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faithstwin said...

Is this your alternative to brain surgery/Botox? No blending please. I prefer you shaken, not stirred.