Sunday, February 17, 2013

My New Project...'72 Chevy Blazer

When I was in high school, the Twin and I shared a car. But then she changed to doing school through independent study when we were partially through our sophomore year, and I was still going to school every day.
So we needed separate cars.
Which was when I inherited the family's Chevy Blazer. We called it the Big White Monster. It was kind of a badass truck for a chick like me to drive. It was fun.
It was "mine" through my sophomore year in college, and then I got a new car, and the Blazer was sent up for auction, and we officially parted ways.
I miss that truck. It was a 2 door, 4x4, with too much room, and an easy way to break in and steal shit from inside. (Hey, at least thieves figured out it's secret, and they never broke a window to get in!) It was MY Big White Monster.
So I've been looking into buying a new Blazer for a little while now. In checking out different options over the last few weeks, I came across this awesome green model that was actually a refurbished classic Blazer from '71. I was going to make an offer on Monday, but when I went to the page for it, it was GONE. I had lost the car already!
My brother helped me find some other options, and one of them happened to be in Abilene, KS. So I discussed it with Leo, and talked to the seller, and basically came to the decision that this would be a good project for me to take on right now.
So here it is! My new Big White Monster. :D

I should have her in my garage by Thursday afternoon. Woo!

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