Friday, March 29, 2013

Tile is hard - Part 1

Tywl. Tywl is what bwings uf togever...tovay.

Tywl, that when bwessedvy avainged...will wook good...forebbah...

Ok, don't ask me why the marriage scene from Princess Bride comes to mind when I think about this whole thing, but it did. Maybe it's a parallel between the pain that Princess Buttercup was feeling when she knew she had to marry Humperdink, and my feelings about picking out tile for the new bathroom space? I'm not sure.

Anyway, as I said in my post earlier this week, picking out tile has been a BITCH AND A HALF. I love looking at tile, but having to decide on what we'll put into our bathroom? In a final and unchanging manner?

::head explodes::

One good thing about living where we live...we aren't far from a lot of showrooms for this kind of stuff. Bathtubs, lighting, various tile places? They're all basically in our back yard. So we could head over to The Tile Shop, or to Sunderland's for an hour here and there, and put some combos together to come up with our final pick.

Last Sunday, we found the winners at Sunderland Bros.
 The top tile sample will be the focal wall behind my vanity, and in the shower. See my example of the shower focal wall I painstakingly drew myself:
The floor pan of the shower will be that bottom tile sample, but in this mini brick pattern:
 I also drew this out:
 The drawings were partially because I wanted to put them up here on the blog. But they've wound up being very helpful when it comes to making up my mind on the patterns we want to follow. The wall of tile in the drawing right above this, for example, looked a little jail-like to me when I was halfway done with the floor tile drawing. BUT, once I'd completed both patterns, they look awesome to me.

And then I drew the rendering of the focal wall tile, and it all came together. WOO!

The floor tile will be in a houndstooth, or a varied chevron pattern, using that long tile in the middle in that top photo up there. That tile will also be the one in the brick pattern as depicted in both the shower renderings (that, I'll remind you, I drew myself. Yes, I'm pretty fucking proud of them, and that's why I keep pointing that out. I know they might look like a 5th grader drew them, but that's when perspective was taught to me in art class. So...yeah. :/), and hopefully using it in larger portions of tiled areas like that will help to keep the costs down, because it's CHEAP. And the other ones AREN'T. And mama needs a new closet system, dammit.

Work starts on Monday. Fortunately, we have a shit ton of stuff to tear out (and carefully, in some cases, as we'll be donating a large portion of it all to charities that need bathroom fixures) first, so I'm imagining that future posts will be about living with giant amounts of dust and debris. Should be fun!

Happy weekend, all!

Monday, March 25, 2013

New project begins in T minus 7 days...

What can revive an old, tired blog more than a reno project in the house? :D You guys ready? Alrighty, here we go...

Our master bathroom is stupid. From the way the sinks are situated (basically, Leo and I can't do anything at our sinks at the same time, due to the wonkiness), to the fact that there are 3 closets that our stuff has to be separated into in order to fit (4, if you count the linen closet out in the hallway), it's all just very inefficient and...well, stupid! So we've been planning a reno for a while, and it will finally begin in a week.

Holy shit. It's only a week away. FUUUUCK.

Anyway, we will be moving a wall, tearing out carpet, adding hardwood, and building ONE, BIG, AWESOME FUCKING CLOSET. Because one's what makes sense, no?

We won't have to move the tub...but we will get a new one. We don't have to get a new toilet, but we will move it over so we can move a wall and make the space it's in a bit smaller. We don't really have to move the shower...the drain will move over a bit, and that's it. The sinks will have relocated plumbing, but they're essentially about 3 feet away from their current locations.

I've voted for wood paneling on the ceiling, and I won. I also voted for wood veneer/wood something as a surround for the tub, and I won that, too. I warned Leo that the budget for the closet isn't entirely 100% decided in my brain. I will try to be reasonable. But I make no guarantees.

Here's what the finished product will look like, if we lived in a cartoon world:

That's just the layout, mind you. It doesn't depict the tile and finishing choices we are making by any stretch. The tile....oooohhhh, the tile! Do you know how hard it is to decide on tile designs? It's really fucking hard! But we think we might've managed to do it over the weekend. I'll draw some examples up and post them later this week.

These are tough to decipher unless you know what you're looking at, but here's the plan our current master bedroom and bath exist in:

 And here's the plan for what we will be doing. Moving the doorway, adding the wall, building a normal closet, etc, etc...
I can't wait! CANNOT WAIT.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Why is this whole "parking" thing so damned HARD for some people???

I left my desk at about 5:10 p.m. last night. It had been a busy afternoon, and was tying up some loose ends from the day, so it was nice to finally be able to shut down and head out to the garage at that point.

I walked up to my car, threw my purse and my pack o’ random paperwork I’d brought with me into the passenger side, and then walked around my car to get in on the driver’s side.

And then I screamed like that goat at the 6 second mark in the video we all love so much right now.

And then I screamed like the goat at the 25 second mark. Just because I was so flipping fucking fargen MAD.

This dickwad had parked maybe 6 or 8 inches away from my car. There was no way I could even get to the door to try to open it (have you SEEN my ass???), much less try to get into the car through it.

I stood there looking around for a minute, and watched the folks that were heading up my way to get into their cars, hoping that one of them was the driver of the masterfully parked Honda, but none of them were. And eventually I had to give in and climb into my driver’s seat from the passenger side of the car.

Do you know how hard that is to do in a sport coup?

…when you’re wearing a DRESS?

Yeah, it was a pain in my fucking ASS. So I went ahead and took the time to write a note to my coworker before I left. It said something to this effect:

“Dear Coworker,

You parked so close to my car that I had to climb in through the passenger side in order to go home. If you could please be more careful with your parking in the future, it would be great!”

And I even signed my own name. I think in hopes that I would receive an actual apology for their blunder sometime last night or today.

Yeah, I got nuthin’.

I was hoping that my polite commentary would be appreciated. I refrained from cussing! I signed my name! I was not an anonymous asshole with my note!!!

But noooooo.

So, yeah, that person is a DICK.

Don’t be a dick. Park between the lines when you’re parking your car. It’s really not that fucking hard to do. Look around after you park, and see how far you are from the cars around you. Consider that the driver might not be 120 pounds and 5’10” tall…

…or, you know, made of LIQUID.

Will they be able to squeeze in to the space you left for them to open their door in?

If the answer is anything CLOSE to “no”, then FUCKING RE-PARK YOUR DAMNED CAR!!! It takes less than 30 seconds and it’s a fucking CONSIDERATE thing to do!

It’s not that hard to be a nice person, y’all. It really, really isn’t.

Friday, March 01, 2013

Updates on my life. And also OMGSTOPSNOWINGALREADY,DAMMIT!!!

I got my new car this week. WOO! It's awesome, and I will look awesome in it, and I cannot wait to drive it.

But right now, it's topless. So driving it isn't a good plan, unfortunately. Especially since, you know...snow apparently will be coming from the sky forever and ever and ever.

It took some internet searching and some calling around, but I finally found a body shop that actually works on 1972 Chevy vehicles, and is willing to take mine on as whatever size project I want it to be right now. I'll drive it up there next week ( had better be a DRY drive), and drop it off for them to peruse.

I am inordinately excited about the whole thing, dammit. :D

So there's that.

Also, Leo and I are starting a remodel project in April, and have officially hired the contractor and started looking for materials, and decided on a design, etc, etc...

So that should be fun. (Also, have you ever seen If not, go there and check it out. Choose a project that you've been wishing you could do in your house. Like, I wish we could redo our basement. So I have a basement ideabook that I created. And then I look at the basements they have pictures of. And next thing I know, an hour has gone by, and I've convinced myself that we can fit a pool table, a fireplace, AND a whole theater system in our basement we currently have. It's good times.)

And lastly, I've started meeting with a hypnotherapist to help me with my weight problem. She's a cool lady. We're still in the getting-to-know-you stage right now, but next appointment, we're both hoping we'll have time for her to do a little hypno-magic on me. I will keep y'all posted on how that goes. Right now, I'm remaining positive about myself a majority of the time. I like my clothes. I like my hair (mostly...thinking of going darker, maybe...). I look forward to the hypnotherapy helping with not just my body, but with my mind. I need to relax more, yo.

That's about it from my neck of the woods. Hope everyone has a great weekend! I'll try to get back to gathering some stories to tell you all out here. Blog is getting a little dry for my taste.