Monday, March 25, 2013

New project begins in T minus 7 days...

What can revive an old, tired blog more than a reno project in the house? :D You guys ready? Alrighty, here we go...

Our master bathroom is stupid. From the way the sinks are situated (basically, Leo and I can't do anything at our sinks at the same time, due to the wonkiness), to the fact that there are 3 closets that our stuff has to be separated into in order to fit (4, if you count the linen closet out in the hallway), it's all just very inefficient and...well, stupid! So we've been planning a reno for a while, and it will finally begin in a week.

Holy shit. It's only a week away. FUUUUCK.

Anyway, we will be moving a wall, tearing out carpet, adding hardwood, and building ONE, BIG, AWESOME FUCKING CLOSET. Because one's what makes sense, no?

We won't have to move the tub...but we will get a new one. We don't have to get a new toilet, but we will move it over so we can move a wall and make the space it's in a bit smaller. We don't really have to move the shower...the drain will move over a bit, and that's it. The sinks will have relocated plumbing, but they're essentially about 3 feet away from their current locations.

I've voted for wood paneling on the ceiling, and I won. I also voted for wood veneer/wood something as a surround for the tub, and I won that, too. I warned Leo that the budget for the closet isn't entirely 100% decided in my brain. I will try to be reasonable. But I make no guarantees.

Here's what the finished product will look like, if we lived in a cartoon world:

That's just the layout, mind you. It doesn't depict the tile and finishing choices we are making by any stretch. The tile....oooohhhh, the tile! Do you know how hard it is to decide on tile designs? It's really fucking hard! But we think we might've managed to do it over the weekend. I'll draw some examples up and post them later this week.

These are tough to decipher unless you know what you're looking at, but here's the plan our current master bedroom and bath exist in:

 And here's the plan for what we will be doing. Moving the doorway, adding the wall, building a normal closet, etc, etc...
I can't wait! CANNOT WAIT.

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