Friday, March 29, 2013

Tile is hard - Part 1

Tywl. Tywl is what bwings uf togever...tovay.

Tywl, that when bwessedvy avainged...will wook good...forebbah...

Ok, don't ask me why the marriage scene from Princess Bride comes to mind when I think about this whole thing, but it did. Maybe it's a parallel between the pain that Princess Buttercup was feeling when she knew she had to marry Humperdink, and my feelings about picking out tile for the new bathroom space? I'm not sure.

Anyway, as I said in my post earlier this week, picking out tile has been a BITCH AND A HALF. I love looking at tile, but having to decide on what we'll put into our bathroom? In a final and unchanging manner?

::head explodes::

One good thing about living where we live...we aren't far from a lot of showrooms for this kind of stuff. Bathtubs, lighting, various tile places? They're all basically in our back yard. So we could head over to The Tile Shop, or to Sunderland's for an hour here and there, and put some combos together to come up with our final pick.

Last Sunday, we found the winners at Sunderland Bros.
 The top tile sample will be the focal wall behind my vanity, and in the shower. See my example of the shower focal wall I painstakingly drew myself:
The floor pan of the shower will be that bottom tile sample, but in this mini brick pattern:
 I also drew this out:
 The drawings were partially because I wanted to put them up here on the blog. But they've wound up being very helpful when it comes to making up my mind on the patterns we want to follow. The wall of tile in the drawing right above this, for example, looked a little jail-like to me when I was halfway done with the floor tile drawing. BUT, once I'd completed both patterns, they look awesome to me.

And then I drew the rendering of the focal wall tile, and it all came together. WOO!

The floor tile will be in a houndstooth, or a varied chevron pattern, using that long tile in the middle in that top photo up there. That tile will also be the one in the brick pattern as depicted in both the shower renderings (that, I'll remind you, I drew myself. Yes, I'm pretty fucking proud of them, and that's why I keep pointing that out. I know they might look like a 5th grader drew them, but that's when perspective was taught to me in art class. So...yeah. :/), and hopefully using it in larger portions of tiled areas like that will help to keep the costs down, because it's CHEAP. And the other ones AREN'T. And mama needs a new closet system, dammit.

Work starts on Monday. Fortunately, we have a shit ton of stuff to tear out (and carefully, in some cases, as we'll be donating a large portion of it all to charities that need bathroom fixures) first, so I'm imagining that future posts will be about living with giant amounts of dust and debris. Should be fun!

Happy weekend, all!

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Rajib Hossain said...

Wow, you did a good remodeling job. Pinned your blog for reference.
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