Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It's all in the details.

Deciding on the details for our new bathroom hasn't been the easiest task. But the new design site Houzz.com certainly has helped with ideas and giving us a push in the right direction! Where has that site BEEN all my life???

One of the early design ideas I came across that I liked was this wood surround on a bath area...

Contemporary Bathroom by Bozeman Interior Design Envi Design
 Our tub has always been tucked under a window area in our bathroom, and we felt that it didn't really need to be moved. It naturally has a niche that it's in, because of the way the house is built out in that area, so we're capitalizing on it and putting in shelves and a tub surround with an awesome veneer/wood treatment of some kind. We're meeting with the carpenter tomorrow to discuss it more, so I'm looking forward to hearing what he's come up with so far.

Another feature that will carry the wood theme into a larger part of the bath is this wood on the ceiling thing...

Contemporary Bathroom by Watertown Architect Solomon+Bauer+Giambastiani Architects
 We're looking at a wide plank, though. And we're even considering putting laminate up there, simply because a lot of the laminate flooring we're finding has more of the look we're going for. Not sure if that will work at all, though. If not, that's fine. We have a relatively small area of ceiling to cover, so we can go full on walnut or maple or something, if we want. We'll see!

 A third major element is the floor. We decided that we'd like to do a herringbone pattern, much like this one...

Eclectic Bathroom by Baltimore Interior Designer Elizabeth Reich
Our tile is a light gray color, and our cabinets and ceiling will be a darker wood. With those three major elements in mind, we had to pick details that were complimentary and wouldn't take away from the focus of all that wood we'll have going on. Like the lights... 

...and hopefully the tile will all come together really well, too. My vanity wall will be the closest to the wood tub surround, and I'm hoping that the two elements are more of a WOW than a BLECH. We have the flexibility to change our minds about it at this point, so we'll have to see how things turn out. We're open to the suggestions of our contractors, and I'm really good at reading their reactions when we tell them what we'd like to do and have no fear in asking them what they really think about it. So that's been helpful along the way, as well.
Priming this week, after the drywall all dries, and then we can start tile. So excited to see that go down!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Screw off floor!

This is written on the floor about 2 feet inside the master bedroom entrance:

 Not sure what it means. But it seems important, what with the exclamation point and everything.

So the construction keeps on plugging right along. They finished putting up all the new drywall as of Friday afternoon, and next they will do another coat of mud and sand it all down, and then they'll prime it, and then the fun can REALLY begin.

I suppose.

I don't know, actually. Seems like we're so far off from getting everything done, but we're only 3 weeks away from where the end should be. And the first 3 weeks flew by, so I'm expecting these next 3 weeks to feel a bit like a heart attack on acid*. We'll see.

*I’ve never dropped acid, and I’ve never had a heart attack, so this is purely imagination-based conjecture, really.

The entrance to the master bedroom is all framed out and the drywall is up, and oh, what's that? The thermostat is in the middle of the wall where a bookcase is supposed to go? Oh. Awesome.
Can you see the thermostat hanging off the wall there by wires?
Here...I pointed it out. We're putting a bookcase there when this is all done. It was there before, and it's going right back where it belongs. I asked Leo if we're going to have to move the bookcase every time we need to adjust the temperature. He had the thermostat moved today, instead. :)
 I've finally decided that it's time to admit that we need a TV in our room. But I want one of those hidden away kinds of TVs, so they're putting it in the wall for me. WOOHOO!

From the entrance to the bathroom, the space looks so serene...
I'll put up some decor ideas we're working with sometiems tomorrow. Today was frought with staff meetings and fire drills here at work, so I'm le tired, and don't have it in me to talk about all the pretty things.

But still...stuff is moving right along! It's very encouraging. Can't wait to see what they did while I was gone today!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Bathroom Taking Shape! (a.k.a. DRYWALL, MF-ERS!)

The drywall started to go up yesterday morning, since the rough-in inspection went smoothly, and we passed without issue. ::fist pump:: ::little dance of joy:: ::drinks celebratory vodka::

Ok, so the wall in our bedroom portion wasn't finished at the end of the day, but it's still taking good shape the way it's framed in already. The entrance to the bathroom will be one of those barn door hanging things. A nice big one. We haven't quite decided on one yet. Maybe Leo and I will do that tonight over the celebratory vodka... 

Leo's in the closet! =O Just kidding....I mean, he is. But it's really a closet closet. =P His vanity will be to the left of the closet entrance there. And the entrance to the closet will be a pocket door, so as to maximize space for ALL THE PRETTY DRESSES. (And for some of Leo's stuff, too.)

I stand in the closet entrance, pondering all the ways that I will manage to fill my new closet full of lovely girlie things...

This is where I wash my hands, all imaginary-like! The ladder will make a nice rustic addition to the space, I think...
Behind me in that photo above is the bath area. We're doing a wrap-around wood shelf type thing that should be the centerpiece to the room. We are VERY excited about this feature.

And through the entrance to the bathroom, you can see the shower taking shape. Wheeee!
They were mudding and taping the ceiling today, and Leo and I are shopping for countertops and stuff. This has been a mellow week, workwise. Lots of electrical and plumbing, for the most part. But it's been exciting in other ways, what with the shopping for things, and all. 

Can't wait to see what next week will be like! I'll update with some countertop ideas and all that good stuff, too. Happy weekend, all! 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rough-in Inspection is Today. I'm not nervous...our contractors are pretty much officially The Best at what they do.

It's been a week since I updated because, again, things aren't as changy-changy as they had been in the first week. This is officially Week Three of our reno, and today, they're doing the rough-in inspection, which means that all the plumbing and electrical stuff had to be completed last week/the beginning of this week.

And that kind of stuff just isn't as fun to capture and share, I've found!

But we DID decide on lighting, so here's how that went...

I was considering this light from the Robert Abbey collection, called "Bling".

 It costs more than $1,000, though, and that seemed a bit much, even to me. ;) So I searched out alternatives, and decided on this $400 chandelier from Pottery Barn, instead:
A wee bit more traditional than the Robert Abbey one, but the feel is the same, and it will look SUPER-pretty with the tile we picked for that part of the bathroom. Wheeeee!

And then we had to choose the vanity lighting. I came home with several different options printed out all week last week for Leo to go over with me. And he liked two specific ones, but said that "if they could have a baby, it would be the perfect light." Challenge accepted! I found their baby. And it is this Trinity Bath Bar from Hudson Valley that I picked up on Lumens.com:
It wasn't the cheapest option I'd come across, but it really is perfect. Plus, I went cheaper on the chandelier, and everything, so really, I saved us money! Eh-em...ok, whatever. Moving on...

The only other light fixture we needed was one for over our bed in the master bedroom. We had a fan up there all this time, and it was nice, but we rarely used it. So I proposed that we put a chandelier up instead, and Leo agreed. (He hates having air blowing on him while he's in bed, so he was ALL FOR getting rid of the ceiling fan!) He chose this light from the options I brought home, and I thought it was pretty, too, so this is what we got...also from Pottery Barn. 
Today, after the inspection was over, they were supposed to get started on hanging drywall. So THAT should be fun to get some pics of once that gets going. I'll be sure to share as the changes occur! 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lighting! It's important!

Ok, so there isn't much going on right now in the whole deconstruct/reconstruct the master bedroom and bathroom arena, because we're at a point where we're waiting for our first inspection. So we're meeting with subs instead. Today was the electrician, and in support of that, I thought I would put up some photos of lights that I'm interested in putting in. (And by "I", I totally mean both me and Leo. It's just easier to type "I" than "we". Less letters and all that. ::whistles innocently::)

I think we should start with the chandelier and then base the rest of the lighting (which is basically just the lighting for the vanities) off of that. Here are some options I'm considering...

Robert Abbey's "Bling" Chandelier - available at Lumens.com for $1,051

Branch Chandelier - available at West Elm right now for $349.99

Camilla Globe Chandelier - Pottery Barn for $349

Cicatrices de Luxe 3 - Hive Modern for appx $3100

Cluster Globe Pendant - West Elm $199

Dalila Beaded Chandelier - Pottery Barn $249

Viso Ulee Pendant - available on Mod Livin for $450

Raimond Zafu Chandelier - available on Hive Modern for appx $4100

Kincaid 2-tier Chandelier by Murray Feiss - Lumens for $340

Echo Chandelier by Robert Abbey - Lumens $706
I know that (a) some of those chandeliers are NOT like the others. And also that (b) HOLY SHIT, chandeliers can cost a lot of moneys! And it's likely that the more expensive options are just eye candy for me, than anything else. That Raimond Zafu chandelier is my favorite favorite one out of all of them. But I am NOT plunking down $4000 for a fucking bathroom chandelier! Just...NO.

Same goes for the Cicatrices de Luxe option up there, with the vase-like things that are sitting on a glass "shelf" type thing? So interesting! So pretty! But $3000? No, thank you.

More than likely, I'll choose that cluster globe pendant from West Elm. I dig it a LOT. And it seemed like Leo was on board with it, too, so we'll see. Or I could go middle of the road, pricewise, and choose that Robert Abbey "Bling" one at the top. But I am adamantly opposed to using the word "bling" in any application, and even having to type it the 3 times I've had to type it here in this post makes me want to punch things, so I don't know if I can handle it because of that.

Stupid reason for not buying a light? Yeah, probably. But you all have your words you hate, too. Admit it! You would do the same thing as me if you had to.

Once we have the chandelier picked, I will feel more comfortable with picking the vanity lighting. But for now, these are some of the options I've picked for us to peruse...

Avia Double Sconce - Restoration Hardware for $169 right now

Noland Sconce - Restoration Hardware for $199 right now
These next two lights present the ever-on-my-mind dilemma, "Do I pick a sconce that has downlights? Or a sconce with UPlights?"

Spritze sconce - Restoration Hardware $119

Asbury sconce - RH $119

Lamps Plus option that isn't all that different from the RH options - $118.91
Lighting is less hard than tile. It's even easier than paint, IMO. If I wind up not liking what we pick, we can take them down, and replace them lickety split. So this decision isn't as big of a deal to me than some others we have to do. But let me know your opinion(s)! I'd love to hear what you think...

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Day 3 - 5: Continuing to tear down/rebuild the master bedroom and bath

A lot happened in the construction project last week. A LOT. It was a whirlwind of surprisingly fast work, in my book, and even though it was the "easy part" of the job, as people keep saying to me, it was still pretty impressive to me in it's speed.

This side by side gives a good example of how shockingly different it was from Tuesday to Wednesday...

Walls are still up...
No more walls! Leo is standing where his vanity will be!

Wednesday, post wall removal, looking back toward the entrance to the room from the toilet closet...

And then Thursday, I went home, and the fucking walls were all framed in already.
This is looking from the entrance to the room, toward the vanity/shower/tub area...

It was still general wall stuff. Like here was the framed entrance to the closet space...hard to see where the actual door will be, but it'll be right there in that big opening. It will be a pocket door, to maximize storage space.

This is the new shower area...the duct will be removed, of course.
 And this is the wall between the bedroom and the bathroom/closet now. We will have a large sliding barn door entrance to the bathroom area. Should be pretty cool! We're shunning hinges, basically, in most of the new space. Hinges can SUCK IT!
 This is the wall that my vanity will be up against...the vaulted ceiling will be clad in wood floor panels, which is a design decision that I am VERY excited about.
 And this is what the entrance to our room looks like right now. Well, as of Friday, anyway. They tore out the shelves that had been there, and will be making the door a bit wider than we thought we'd be able to, which is nice. There was nothing in that space behind the shelves. Wasted. Totally wasted space. WE WILL USE THAT SPACE WITH MUCH HAPPINESS! (When they pulled the carpet up from the bedroom, Leo took it and laid it down to protect the wood and stone floors in the living room and entrance to the house, which I thought was pretty smart. Jake and Izzy are totally confused by the switch, though! Teeny, tiny puppy brains...)

In the bedroom on Friday, they had the header in for the doorway to the bathroom, and the plastic sheeting that had been separating the spaces was down. So now we can see it all and how it's coming together as a new space. I was very excited about it.

The fireplace will be changing, too. Initially, we had planned to remove it all together, or to cover it up, basically. But we talked it out, and decided to remove the hearth and the weird niche on the left there, and cover it all with a cement board application, and get a new gas insert for the fireplace instead. We'll have a wrap around mantle and shelves in the space that previously was unused because it was behind a silly wall.
 And then we had to shop for more tile on Friday. Because the tile I initially picked out was too expensive, or some bullshit. WHATEVER. I was fine with the expense, because in order to have a unique and beautiful space that is MINE, ALL MINE!, I will happily go outside budget a bit. But the tile I picked was also high maintenance and impractical for the space. THAT made me realize I needed to find something else.

So we did.
Top white tile: focal wall behind my vanity, on the vaulted ceieling area
Flowery gray, white, and black tile: will be used as an accent in the shower
Large gray tile in the middle: will be laid in a herringbone pattern on the floor of the bathroom
Smaller gray, flowery pattern, and dark gray tile: will be used to accent the shower, and in conjunction with the white tile on my vanity focal wall
Bottom "bubble" tile: Option for the floor in the shower
 I wasn't too sure about what tile to choose for the floor of the shower, to be honest. The bubble tile in the picture above is fun, no doubt about it. But will I be kicking myself for choosing it in a few years? Or even in a few MONTHS? I don't know!!! So we found another option:
Bottom tile: Another option for the shower floor, a.k.a. "soccer ball tile".
I put it up for a vote on Facebook, and the bubble tile won. So that's what we've chosen. And so I will love it forever and ever. (Or at least 15 years.)

Monday/yesterday, they glued headers together, and basically fortified the framed walls that they built last week. Today, they were working some more on the entrance to the master bedroom, so we'll see how different that looks when I get home tonight. We'll be meeting with the contractor to go over things tonight, so we're sure we're all still on the same page, and get updates about rough-in inspection dates and times, and all that good stuff.

I think we're on track to meet our deadline in 5 weeks, though. This has been an amazing experience so far, so if anyone wants my contractor's name/info, please let me know! I HIGHLY recommend him and his team of subs.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Day 2: continuing to tear things down/move it all out

Just as an aside, I can't remember if I brought it up here, but I know I brought it up on Facebook...I want to have a secret entrance to the new Master Bedroom when this construction is all said and done. A bookshelf-type thing that will hinge open, and look totally inoccuous when it's closed.

I think that would be UBER-cool.

Leo does not.

(Sometimes, he's a butt.)

Anyway, what we will be doing is closing up the entrance on the left in this photo, and then taking out the shelves on the right, and opening the wall there to create the new entrance to the room.

It's just about the perfect. place. for a secret door!

I'm gonna keep working on it. I generally win stuff, so I'm hoping this will be another win for me. :D

That said, here's what happened on Day 2 - Tuesday. They tore out the rest of the vanities...
...and the tub got taken out completely...
...and we discovered some open space in the ceiling above Stupid closet #2. So the ceiling will be much loftier than we realized. AWESOME! (This photo doesn't really show it. Damn. Sorry!)
Day 3 - Wednesday was A-MAAHHHZING. I can't WAIT to show you guys the photos of that!

And I can't WAIT to go home and see what they did today! Latah!