Friday, April 19, 2013

Bathroom Taking Shape! (a.k.a. DRYWALL, MF-ERS!)

The drywall started to go up yesterday morning, since the rough-in inspection went smoothly, and we passed without issue. ::fist pump:: ::little dance of joy:: ::drinks celebratory vodka::

Ok, so the wall in our bedroom portion wasn't finished at the end of the day, but it's still taking good shape the way it's framed in already. The entrance to the bathroom will be one of those barn door hanging things. A nice big one. We haven't quite decided on one yet. Maybe Leo and I will do that tonight over the celebratory vodka... 

Leo's in the closet! =O Just kidding....I mean, he is. But it's really a closet closet. =P His vanity will be to the left of the closet entrance there. And the entrance to the closet will be a pocket door, so as to maximize space for ALL THE PRETTY DRESSES. (And for some of Leo's stuff, too.)

I stand in the closet entrance, pondering all the ways that I will manage to fill my new closet full of lovely girlie things...

This is where I wash my hands, all imaginary-like! The ladder will make a nice rustic addition to the space, I think...
Behind me in that photo above is the bath area. We're doing a wrap-around wood shelf type thing that should be the centerpiece to the room. We are VERY excited about this feature.

And through the entrance to the bathroom, you can see the shower taking shape. Wheeee!
They were mudding and taping the ceiling today, and Leo and I are shopping for countertops and stuff. This has been a mellow week, workwise. Lots of electrical and plumbing, for the most part. But it's been exciting in other ways, what with the shopping for things, and all. 

Can't wait to see what next week will be like! I'll update with some countertop ideas and all that good stuff, too. Happy weekend, all! 

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