Thursday, April 04, 2013

Day 2: continuing to tear things down/move it all out

Just as an aside, I can't remember if I brought it up here, but I know I brought it up on Facebook...I want to have a secret entrance to the new Master Bedroom when this construction is all said and done. A bookshelf-type thing that will hinge open, and look totally inoccuous when it's closed.

I think that would be UBER-cool.

Leo does not.

(Sometimes, he's a butt.)

Anyway, what we will be doing is closing up the entrance on the left in this photo, and then taking out the shelves on the right, and opening the wall there to create the new entrance to the room.

It's just about the perfect. place. for a secret door!

I'm gonna keep working on it. I generally win stuff, so I'm hoping this will be another win for me. :D

That said, here's what happened on Day 2 - Tuesday. They tore out the rest of the vanities...
...and the tub got taken out completely...
...and we discovered some open space in the ceiling above Stupid closet #2. So the ceiling will be much loftier than we realized. AWESOME! (This photo doesn't really show it. Damn. Sorry!)
Day 3 - Wednesday was A-MAAHHHZING. I can't WAIT to show you guys the photos of that!

And I can't WAIT to go home and see what they did today! Latah!

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