Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Day 3 - 5: Continuing to tear down/rebuild the master bedroom and bath

A lot happened in the construction project last week. A LOT. It was a whirlwind of surprisingly fast work, in my book, and even though it was the "easy part" of the job, as people keep saying to me, it was still pretty impressive to me in it's speed.

This side by side gives a good example of how shockingly different it was from Tuesday to Wednesday...

Walls are still up...
No more walls! Leo is standing where his vanity will be!

Wednesday, post wall removal, looking back toward the entrance to the room from the toilet closet...

And then Thursday, I went home, and the fucking walls were all framed in already.
This is looking from the entrance to the room, toward the vanity/shower/tub area...

It was still general wall stuff. Like here was the framed entrance to the closet space...hard to see where the actual door will be, but it'll be right there in that big opening. It will be a pocket door, to maximize storage space.

This is the new shower area...the duct will be removed, of course.
 And this is the wall between the bedroom and the bathroom/closet now. We will have a large sliding barn door entrance to the bathroom area. Should be pretty cool! We're shunning hinges, basically, in most of the new space. Hinges can SUCK IT!
 This is the wall that my vanity will be up against...the vaulted ceiling will be clad in wood floor panels, which is a design decision that I am VERY excited about.
 And this is what the entrance to our room looks like right now. Well, as of Friday, anyway. They tore out the shelves that had been there, and will be making the door a bit wider than we thought we'd be able to, which is nice. There was nothing in that space behind the shelves. Wasted. Totally wasted space. WE WILL USE THAT SPACE WITH MUCH HAPPINESS! (When they pulled the carpet up from the bedroom, Leo took it and laid it down to protect the wood and stone floors in the living room and entrance to the house, which I thought was pretty smart. Jake and Izzy are totally confused by the switch, though! Teeny, tiny puppy brains...)

In the bedroom on Friday, they had the header in for the doorway to the bathroom, and the plastic sheeting that had been separating the spaces was down. So now we can see it all and how it's coming together as a new space. I was very excited about it.

The fireplace will be changing, too. Initially, we had planned to remove it all together, or to cover it up, basically. But we talked it out, and decided to remove the hearth and the weird niche on the left there, and cover it all with a cement board application, and get a new gas insert for the fireplace instead. We'll have a wrap around mantle and shelves in the space that previously was unused because it was behind a silly wall.
 And then we had to shop for more tile on Friday. Because the tile I initially picked out was too expensive, or some bullshit. WHATEVER. I was fine with the expense, because in order to have a unique and beautiful space that is MINE, ALL MINE!, I will happily go outside budget a bit. But the tile I picked was also high maintenance and impractical for the space. THAT made me realize I needed to find something else.

So we did.
Top white tile: focal wall behind my vanity, on the vaulted ceieling area
Flowery gray, white, and black tile: will be used as an accent in the shower
Large gray tile in the middle: will be laid in a herringbone pattern on the floor of the bathroom
Smaller gray, flowery pattern, and dark gray tile: will be used to accent the shower, and in conjunction with the white tile on my vanity focal wall
Bottom "bubble" tile: Option for the floor in the shower
 I wasn't too sure about what tile to choose for the floor of the shower, to be honest. The bubble tile in the picture above is fun, no doubt about it. But will I be kicking myself for choosing it in a few years? Or even in a few MONTHS? I don't know!!! So we found another option:
Bottom tile: Another option for the shower floor, a.k.a. "soccer ball tile".
I put it up for a vote on Facebook, and the bubble tile won. So that's what we've chosen. And so I will love it forever and ever. (Or at least 15 years.)

Monday/yesterday, they glued headers together, and basically fortified the framed walls that they built last week. Today, they were working some more on the entrance to the master bedroom, so we'll see how different that looks when I get home tonight. We'll be meeting with the contractor to go over things tonight, so we're sure we're all still on the same page, and get updates about rough-in inspection dates and times, and all that good stuff.

I think we're on track to meet our deadline in 5 weeks, though. This has been an amazing experience so far, so if anyone wants my contractor's name/info, please let me know! I HIGHLY recommend him and his team of subs.


faithstwin said...

I can't wait to see everything when it's done!!!

Fluffycat said...

I love that bubble tile!