Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It's all in the details.

Deciding on the details for our new bathroom hasn't been the easiest task. But the new design site Houzz.com certainly has helped with ideas and giving us a push in the right direction! Where has that site BEEN all my life???

One of the early design ideas I came across that I liked was this wood surround on a bath area...

Contemporary Bathroom by Bozeman Interior Design Envi Design
 Our tub has always been tucked under a window area in our bathroom, and we felt that it didn't really need to be moved. It naturally has a niche that it's in, because of the way the house is built out in that area, so we're capitalizing on it and putting in shelves and a tub surround with an awesome veneer/wood treatment of some kind. We're meeting with the carpenter tomorrow to discuss it more, so I'm looking forward to hearing what he's come up with so far.

Another feature that will carry the wood theme into a larger part of the bath is this wood on the ceiling thing...

Contemporary Bathroom by Watertown Architect Solomon+Bauer+Giambastiani Architects
 We're looking at a wide plank, though. And we're even considering putting laminate up there, simply because a lot of the laminate flooring we're finding has more of the look we're going for. Not sure if that will work at all, though. If not, that's fine. We have a relatively small area of ceiling to cover, so we can go full on walnut or maple or something, if we want. We'll see!

 A third major element is the floor. We decided that we'd like to do a herringbone pattern, much like this one...

Eclectic Bathroom by Baltimore Interior Designer Elizabeth Reich
Our tile is a light gray color, and our cabinets and ceiling will be a darker wood. With those three major elements in mind, we had to pick details that were complimentary and wouldn't take away from the focus of all that wood we'll have going on. Like the lights... 

...and hopefully the tile will all come together really well, too. My vanity wall will be the closest to the wood tub surround, and I'm hoping that the two elements are more of a WOW than a BLECH. We have the flexibility to change our minds about it at this point, so we'll have to see how things turn out. We're open to the suggestions of our contractors, and I'm really good at reading their reactions when we tell them what we'd like to do and have no fear in asking them what they really think about it. So that's been helpful along the way, as well.
Priming this week, after the drywall all dries, and then we can start tile. So excited to see that go down!

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