Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lighting! It's important!

Ok, so there isn't much going on right now in the whole deconstruct/reconstruct the master bedroom and bathroom arena, because we're at a point where we're waiting for our first inspection. So we're meeting with subs instead. Today was the electrician, and in support of that, I thought I would put up some photos of lights that I'm interested in putting in. (And by "I", I totally mean both me and Leo. It's just easier to type "I" than "we". Less letters and all that. ::whistles innocently::)

I think we should start with the chandelier and then base the rest of the lighting (which is basically just the lighting for the vanities) off of that. Here are some options I'm considering...

Robert Abbey's "Bling" Chandelier - available at for $1,051

Branch Chandelier - available at West Elm right now for $349.99

Camilla Globe Chandelier - Pottery Barn for $349

Cicatrices de Luxe 3 - Hive Modern for appx $3100

Cluster Globe Pendant - West Elm $199

Dalila Beaded Chandelier - Pottery Barn $249

Viso Ulee Pendant - available on Mod Livin for $450

Raimond Zafu Chandelier - available on Hive Modern for appx $4100

Kincaid 2-tier Chandelier by Murray Feiss - Lumens for $340

Echo Chandelier by Robert Abbey - Lumens $706
I know that (a) some of those chandeliers are NOT like the others. And also that (b) HOLY SHIT, chandeliers can cost a lot of moneys! And it's likely that the more expensive options are just eye candy for me, than anything else. That Raimond Zafu chandelier is my favorite favorite one out of all of them. But I am NOT plunking down $4000 for a fucking bathroom chandelier! Just...NO.

Same goes for the Cicatrices de Luxe option up there, with the vase-like things that are sitting on a glass "shelf" type thing? So interesting! So pretty! But $3000? No, thank you.

More than likely, I'll choose that cluster globe pendant from West Elm. I dig it a LOT. And it seemed like Leo was on board with it, too, so we'll see. Or I could go middle of the road, pricewise, and choose that Robert Abbey "Bling" one at the top. But I am adamantly opposed to using the word "bling" in any application, and even having to type it the 3 times I've had to type it here in this post makes me want to punch things, so I don't know if I can handle it because of that.

Stupid reason for not buying a light? Yeah, probably. But you all have your words you hate, too. Admit it! You would do the same thing as me if you had to.

Once we have the chandelier picked, I will feel more comfortable with picking the vanity lighting. But for now, these are some of the options I've picked for us to peruse...

Avia Double Sconce - Restoration Hardware for $169 right now

Noland Sconce - Restoration Hardware for $199 right now
These next two lights present the ever-on-my-mind dilemma, "Do I pick a sconce that has downlights? Or a sconce with UPlights?"

Spritze sconce - Restoration Hardware $119

Asbury sconce - RH $119

Lamps Plus option that isn't all that different from the RH options - $118.91
Lighting is less hard than tile. It's even easier than paint, IMO. If I wind up not liking what we pick, we can take them down, and replace them lickety split. So this decision isn't as big of a deal to me than some others we have to do. But let me know your opinion(s)! I'd love to hear what you think...

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faithstwin said...

OMG- I luhuuuvvvveee the Raymond Zafu one!!! I know, I know... $4100. But it's soooo cool!
I personally would go with downlight due to less dust getting caught all settled in the bulb area of uplight ones.