Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rough-in Inspection is Today. I'm not nervous...our contractors are pretty much officially The Best at what they do.

It's been a week since I updated because, again, things aren't as changy-changy as they had been in the first week. This is officially Week Three of our reno, and today, they're doing the rough-in inspection, which means that all the plumbing and electrical stuff had to be completed last week/the beginning of this week.

And that kind of stuff just isn't as fun to capture and share, I've found!

But we DID decide on lighting, so here's how that went...

I was considering this light from the Robert Abbey collection, called "Bling".

 It costs more than $1,000, though, and that seemed a bit much, even to me. ;) So I searched out alternatives, and decided on this $400 chandelier from Pottery Barn, instead:
A wee bit more traditional than the Robert Abbey one, but the feel is the same, and it will look SUPER-pretty with the tile we picked for that part of the bathroom. Wheeeee!

And then we had to choose the vanity lighting. I came home with several different options printed out all week last week for Leo to go over with me. And he liked two specific ones, but said that "if they could have a baby, it would be the perfect light." Challenge accepted! I found their baby. And it is this Trinity Bath Bar from Hudson Valley that I picked up on
It wasn't the cheapest option I'd come across, but it really is perfect. Plus, I went cheaper on the chandelier, and everything, so really, I saved us money! Eh-em...ok, whatever. Moving on...

The only other light fixture we needed was one for over our bed in the master bedroom. We had a fan up there all this time, and it was nice, but we rarely used it. So I proposed that we put a chandelier up instead, and Leo agreed. (He hates having air blowing on him while he's in bed, so he was ALL FOR getting rid of the ceiling fan!) He chose this light from the options I brought home, and I thought it was pretty, too, so this is what we got...also from Pottery Barn. 
Today, after the inspection was over, they were supposed to get started on hanging drywall. So THAT should be fun to get some pics of once that gets going. I'll be sure to share as the changes occur! 

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faithstwin said...

I like all those fixtures. But Leo doesn't like air hitting him when he sleeps? Whaaaaa!!? Weirdo.