Monday, April 22, 2013

Screw off floor!

This is written on the floor about 2 feet inside the master bedroom entrance:

 Not sure what it means. But it seems important, what with the exclamation point and everything.

So the construction keeps on plugging right along. They finished putting up all the new drywall as of Friday afternoon, and next they will do another coat of mud and sand it all down, and then they'll prime it, and then the fun can REALLY begin.

I suppose.

I don't know, actually. Seems like we're so far off from getting everything done, but we're only 3 weeks away from where the end should be. And the first 3 weeks flew by, so I'm expecting these next 3 weeks to feel a bit like a heart attack on acid*. We'll see.

*I’ve never dropped acid, and I’ve never had a heart attack, so this is purely imagination-based conjecture, really.

The entrance to the master bedroom is all framed out and the drywall is up, and oh, what's that? The thermostat is in the middle of the wall where a bookcase is supposed to go? Oh. Awesome.
Can you see the thermostat hanging off the wall there by wires?
Here...I pointed it out. We're putting a bookcase there when this is all done. It was there before, and it's going right back where it belongs. I asked Leo if we're going to have to move the bookcase every time we need to adjust the temperature. He had the thermostat moved today, instead. :)
 I've finally decided that it's time to admit that we need a TV in our room. But I want one of those hidden away kinds of TVs, so they're putting it in the wall for me. WOOHOO!

From the entrance to the bathroom, the space looks so serene...
I'll put up some decor ideas we're working with sometiems tomorrow. Today was frought with staff meetings and fire drills here at work, so I'm le tired, and don't have it in me to talk about all the pretty things.

But still...stuff is moving right along! It's very encouraging. Can't wait to see what they did while I was gone today!

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