Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Too many stupid closets! Consolidation process is now in progress.

Many people might look at our bathroom and think, "What the hell? What's wrong with this? You guys are crizazy!" And I wouldn't blame them for saying that, really. We felt it was livable/attractive/better than most others we'd seen, or else we wouldn't have bought the place. 

But after living in the house for even just a few months, we realized it needed to be updated. The vanities (as you can see below) are awkwardly placed, the tub is outdated and too big, and the shower is too narrow.

And then there are the closets. There are 4 of them. And they are all, with one exception, stupid.

Here, we have Stupid closet #1:
Stupid closet #1 holds: the majority of my shoes, a small part of my jewelry collection, a few shirts that I don't wear very often, a few clothes that Leo doesn't wear very often (like suit pants, and dress shirts), and my belt collection.

It was small, and the shoe and jewelry storage was okay, but it was kinda tight. My shoes were crying every time I put them away.

Stupid closet #2:
 Stupid closet #2 was around the corner from Stupid closet #1. It was a small walk-in closet that held the bulk of my clothes (not all the rest, though...keep that in mind), as well as an overflow of shoes, my undies, my hats, and it was where I kept my purses.

It had one nifty feature, and that was that the lightbulb inside would automatically click on when I opened the door to a certain point. I liked that.

Otherwise, it was a sucky closet. Poorly laid out, and just cramped. Hated it.

Stupid closet #3 can be seen here:
Stupid closet #3 is where Leo kept all of his clothes. He's a boy who wears jeans and t-shirts a majority of the time. He only needs one closet.

Stupid closet #4 is in the hallway outside the master bedroom, so it was tucked away, but it was in a space that was largely a waste:
It's not as stupid as the others. It's a linen closet, so it was a good place for towels and sheets and stuff. But again, the whole weird vestibule area it was in outside of the master bedroom doors was just crying to be used for something else! And so it shall become a part of the new and improved Master Closet.

I can't believe how quickly the work is being done right now. I wanted to post a bunch of progress pics from just after day 1 (which was yesterday), but Blogger had a different idea. ::shrugs:: So maybe tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to having one consolidated closet, and one consolidated bathroom at the end of all this. It will be like we're normal and shit. (Or as normal as we can be, anyway. :/) Here's to hoping that the progress continues on in a nice, quick manner!


faithstwin said...

At least you are in full swing. I am still waiting to hear from my contractor to even give me a QUOTE based on the new work added on. (He was supposed to start knocking down walls Monday. THIS Monday. NOT next. *sigh* As Oldest would say: First world problems.)

To be honest, as long as he doesn't quote me double his original quote? I'M GOOD TO GO!!!

Faith said...

I really hope that I can post the progress pics today. You won't BELIEVE the work that has already been done!

Maybe I can send my contractor out to you when we're finished with him. He's proving himself to be pretty fucking awesome. Although the sub that's working on the tear-out right now was SUPER-OBSESSED with my truck, and wanted to talk about it this morning when I was trying to get out of the house. He's so nice, though, so I didn't mind much! His dudes are so CLEAN. It's amazing.

Knock on wood for all of this, though! It is, after all, only day 3 for us!

I really, really hope he doesn't double his quote for you, dude. What would you do if that happened? UGH.