Monday, May 06, 2013


I'm hoping that when I get home tonight, there will be TILE ALL OVER THE GODDAMMED PLACE! (I mean, within reason. Like, not on the doors. Just on the walls and stuff...) They had to smear some waterproofing material on the walls before they could tile the shower last week, so all they had done when I got home was one measly pony wall. BOOO.

So I took a picture of our new cabinets instead. :D

This is Leo's vanity. He's got drawers going in on the bottom, and then under-sink storage behind cabinet doors on top. And he'll get a big ol' medicine cabinet on his side, because he wants one.
 My vanity has drawers on the left, under-sink storage behind doors, and then another drawer on the bottom.

And then off to the right, I'll have a fancy place for putting on my make-up and stuff. It will be built in, so it doesn't exist yet, but it'll look like this:
With the light-up mirror and everything! Super-cool, no? :D It'll be in the space over there by the tub...
My feature wall should be installed this week, and it'll look pretty snazzy right off the bat. No grouting required, due to the type of tile it is. And the countertops should be in by the end of this week, if you can believe it. Hopefully, the wood details/paneling will all go in, too. Should be a busy week! I'll be sure to post updates as they occur!

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