Thursday, May 02, 2013


The remodel project is in a boring place right now. They've completed the drywall installation, and even have the prime coat of paint up on all surfaces. So this week, the tile will be going in on the shower walls, but not on the floor of the bathroom because the place we ordered our tile from is fucking STUPID, apparently.

On Friday, Leo told me that the floor tile we chose wasn't going to work out because it was apparently on backorder. So we went Saturday to find a new tile, and tried to put it all behind us. But I've been mad at my contractor about it ever since, and then he sent an email about it yesterday, and I let him know how disappointed we were with the whole situation.

I thought it might've been a problem with the timing on the order being placed...I told him that whether it was him or the tile sub that put the order in, I wanted to know why it was done so late in the game? We decided on our tile choice weeks ago!

Turns out that he did order the tile weeks ago. And then last week, he called to get the delivery scheduled, and the tile shop was all, "Oh, that tile is on a 6 week backorder."


So now we have to rework the schedule for the tile guy, because this week was going to be floor and shower, and then next week I think he was going to do the feature wall, and then he'd be done with our space and could move on. But instead, he's doing the shower this week, and then the feature wall next week, I think, and then he gets to come back again in 3 weeks to do the muthafucking floor. Because THAT makes sense.

Fucking dick tile store people.

Anyway, as upsetting as it is, it is behind us now. So we have a new plan. Yay.

Cabinets are being worked on, closet has been planned and ordered (we went with California exactly what we wanted!), and the shower tile should be done by the weekend, so I'll be sure to get some pictures of all that when it's installed.

I'll throw out some more design choices we've made over the past couple of weeks in a post tomorrow. Wallpaper and barn doors and fireplaces, OH MY!

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