Thursday, May 30, 2013

Vacation: Where things are pretty all the time

No doubt about it...dude has a nice ass.
 Leo and I just returned from a 13 day vacation in Oahu. We stayed in Waikiki for the first few days, at the Moana Surfrider - Westin Hotel. Which is a lovely hotel, and I say you should stay there if you go out to the island for a visit ever. The beds are soooo comfy, the staff is nice and helpful, and the location can't be beat.

This was the view from our room on the 17th floor of the Tower Wing. It was gorgeous!

It was hard to sleep in past 8 or so those first few days, because of the time change, and the 2nd morning we were there, I got up and saw a huge amount of surfers just sitting out and waiting for the waves to come carry them away...
 However, the thought did cross my mind that perhaps a lot of those people were just sitting out in a quiet place, escaping the noise and annoyance of their families that they left somewhere in Honolulu for a while. Can't say I blamed them!

This was how Leo and I renting an umbrella in the hotel's private area on the beach, and having someone bring us food and drinks while we peoplewatched all day long. Delightful!
 I bought some flowery hair clips from the local drug store, since Honolulu + bangs = NO. Leo found them helpful as well...
 One of my favorite features of our hotel room was the "Toto Washlet". It was a toilet with a built-in bidet system, and between that baby washing my ass whenever I wanted it to, and the salty, salty water of the Waikiki "pool", as I liked to call it, I barely had to shower while we were there!

Ok, I showered daily, but still. This was awesome!
A few days after we arrived, we checked out of our hotel, met up with Leo's parents, who had been staying on Molokai for their first week on the islands (this was their first trip back in 35 years, so they took a lot of time off to re-explore and visit places they hadn't been to when they lived there back in the 70's), and then we all drove out to the North Shore on Oahu together. Stopped through Haleiwa Town for some lunch... 
 ...and then continued on out to Pupukea to grab some groceries before heading to the house that we'd rented for the week.

Sometime on Wednesday, or so, Leo and his mom were playing cards, and I decided to gather the fallen flowers around the property to make myself a lei. I was a lil' drunk, and I felt oh so preeetttyyy!
 I felt that the tiki in the house ALSO needed to feel pretty. So he got the lei when I was done with it...

We named him "Kiki"
  A week with the in-laws was...a little challenging. But the house was perfect, the location was GORGEOUS, and we really did have a great vacation with them, all said and done.

Our last day in town, Leo and I went back to the Moana Surfrider to hang out on the beach, get in one last swim, and eat and drink at the pool bar before we had to head to the airport to catch our 9 p.m. flight. It was a perfect day, but a few little showers moved through, and gave us a rainbow as a parting gift!
We love it there. It's where Leo was born. It's calm and relaxed and just entertaining enough for folks like us.

We WILL be back!

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