Thursday, June 20, 2013

Almost to the finish line! (Not in a "running" kind of way. But strictly construction-wise. I never will understand why people run when they aren't being chased by a zombie, or a bear, or something.)

We're almost done with the construction! Yaaay! Pretty soon, it will be just me and Leo and the puppies in the house.

Not that it hasn't been delightful dealing with our contractors. They have all been wonderful to work with. But it will be so nice to be able to walk around naked again without totally offending people.

So I thought I'd do some "before" and "after" photos to show the differences in our bedroom, particularly in regards to the fireplace. This is what our room used to look like, with the brick, and the HUGE hearth, and the ceiling fan...
And this is what it looks like now. I actually initially wanted them to just cover it all up, and give me another wall to put shelves and art and stuff on. But we were talked out of that by our contractor's partner and convinced to just cover the brick, remove the bulky hearth, and we swapped out the old gas log set for a gas insert that's a bit more modern, and which we can run via remote control. AWESOME.
Also, the ceiling fan wasn't a favorite part of the room, so we hung a chandelier there instead. It needs to be lowered about 8 - 10 inches, and then I'll be a happy girl!

Here's a better look at the old fireplace and it's outdated ickiness: fireplace. LOVE the wood trim and shelves. Those look so awesome, and totally fit our style!
The new floor is being protected by paper right now as they finish up the details in the don't think that we chose "brown paper" as our new choice of flooring. ;) This is the new entrance to the room. We have a TV that sits flush with the wall, and we'll likely put a narrow table of some sort under it eventually, just because it kinda looks odd there right now. Just...a TV in the middle of the wall, and shit. If I'd planned better, we'd have made room for built-in shelves there, and had all kinds of pretty drawers and shelves and stuff to go around the TV. But I didn't find that idea until after we'd built the wall. So we just went with a TV, and we'll work around that.'s a little weird when you're looking at that wall on it's own. But we'll get it balanced out, for sure. This is the new entrance to the bathroom. We're still waiting on the barn door to be delivered and then it'll have to be stained. It's taken a ridiculously long time, we think. But, hey! We got the hardware to hang it on! So...that's good. I guess.
I cannot tell you enough how much I love my new shower. I can't wait to be naked in there, dammit! (That's totally normal of me, by the way. You're supposed to be naked in the shower, so don't go thinking I'm all weird for bringing up the naked thing again.)
The vanity cabinets have turned out SO NICE. But it's taken a bit to get them fully installed due to the meticulousness of the carpenter. I can totally appreciate that, but MAN, it has been hard to wait! I'm expecting the knobs to be installed today, hopefully. My mirror should also be installed today...
 This is Leo's vanity area. I'm actually a little concerned about the 2-light fixtures we chose for the wall. They look...wrong to me now, somehow. We have plenty of lighting in the bathroom, thanks to the fabulous electrician and his fabulous pot light installations. So I though we wouldn't need any more than the 2-light fixtures. But maybe we should change them out for 3-light fixtures instead, sometime in the future. We'll see.
 My tub. 'Nuff said.
Lookitallthedeepness! I can submerge up to my goddammed shoulders, baby. It's like I'm Princess Kate, or some shit!
We're going to be moving our stuff back down there this weekend, so hopefully, they'll be really close to done after Friday is over. Once it's all completed, I'll update again. With better pictures that are taken with better lighting. Promise.

Eeeeeeee! So excited to move back in!!!


clw said...

Very nice! I'm so jealous of the tub!!

Staci said...

I can imagine your room as being more beautiful than ever. The whole place looks intimate, especially with the presence of the fireplace. Although I think having a light fixture with a ceiling fan is much better than a chandelier. It will serve a dual purpose. Nevertheless, I like the transformation!

Staci Severns @ Brooklyn Fan & Blower Sales Company