Friday, June 21, 2013

Today, you can see the floor...

Yesterday while I was at work, they cleaned up the space, and took up the paper off the floor and...I can finally see a light at the end of this tunnel, y'all. 
Ignore the white "barn door" that's hanging in that photo. That's the temporary door, until Rustica Hardware can get it's crap together and send us the actual door that we ordered, ooohhh, 4 weeks ago, now? I think it was? Anyway...::roll eyes::

Little finishes have been installed finally. Like the towel hook that I bought from Anthropologie.
 And the knobs on the vanities and the linen cabinet...

 ...also from Anthropologie. (We went with the bubbled glass knob, and they are perfect!)

The shower is just waiting for me to christen it with my soapiness...
 And look! We installed the bubbles drain cover that we got from Designer Drains, too! SO CUTE.
Today, they were putting the furniture back together and all that good stuff.

I think I get to sleep in my own bed tonight. IN MY OWN ROOM! :D

I might cry when I see it all. I just might fucking cry.


faithstwin said...

OMG! Love it! I completely dig that drain cover, too. I want one!

Auntie Pam said...

I've been plotting how to come over and steal that shower; it's awesome! Until I figure it out, let me also compliment your color choices. I may steal that bedroom gray for my kitchen.