Friday, July 19, 2013

Follow-up on the whole Mirena thing...

So it's been over a year now that I've had my Mirena implant that keeps me from getting pregnant, having babies, generally losing my mind, etc, etc...

I received an unsolicited email today from a law firm in St. Louis that apparently is actively trolling for customers by searching out people who have the implant, and it reminded me that I've never really followed up on how it's going to have the lil' ol' piece of plastic inserted in my lady parts.

I'm here to report: all is well!

::waving at St. Louis lawfirm:: You can go away now! Thanks for your "concern".

I recommend this birth control option 100%. It's better than the pill, it's better than condoms (unless you're single and polyamorous or sewing your oats or currently a sophomore in college, or what have you, because in those cases, even with the Mirena, USE A CONDOM!), and it's better, for me, than getting pregnant! WOO!

I haven't had a period since maybe May or June of 2012. And even then, it wasn't much of a period.

I get a little bloated every now and then, and even had some cramping in the uterus area last week, but some Advil and a little exercise generally clears that sort of stuff up. No idea why.

Other than the occassional bloating and cramping (which, let's be honest, could be due to something completely unrelated to the lady parts! The internal works of the lower abdomen are a vast and complicated mess of tubes and pulleys, as I undrstand it...), I've had no side effects.

I'll likely keep on using Mirena until I hit menopause, whenever that happens.

So, there you have it. Use Mirena if you want to avoid babies in your womb. 1 out of the 1 bloggers from this blog agree.

(Of course, I would recommend that you discuss all of your options with your gyno or family practitioner, so you can decide what would be best for you. I'm just one person, people. Don't go on what I say, alone! That would be downright silly...)

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Janet said...

I love love love love love my mirena!!!! I still have a period every month, but I have ZERO cramps! And that is huge for me, as my cramps were as bad as my labor pains were. I'm on my second mirena, and will continue to use it.