Thursday, August 01, 2013

Not a children's toy, I swear.

Do you guys know what I do more than anything else during the day?
This is sad. But you know what? I KNOW I’m not alone on this, so don’t you try to tell me that I should feel bad about it! Don’t!
I am on the internet for a majority of the day. THAT is what I do more than anything else. 
In the morning, I log on and head straight to a message board that I’ve been a member of for several years. There are a precious few of us there, and they are who I consider to be some of my best friends in the world at this time.
Then I visit my email accounts to see what’s going on there, and check Facebook to see what’s going on there.
Then I head to another online community that I participate in daily. And then I read through the blogs I enjoy reading.
Lather. Rinse. Repeat. All day long.
When I go home from work (because that’s where I’ve been during all this time I’ve spent online, dontcha know), I rest for a bit, I eat dinner, and my husband and I spend the night generally watching TV or a movie together before I go to bed. And even during that time, I’m frequently checking on my phone for Facebook activity and emails that might’ve been sent to my Yahoo account.
I sometimes remember back to the days in my early 20’s when I was working in quiet office jobs here and there, and the down time was excruciating. We didn’t have The Internet As We Know It back then, so my free time was spent staring out windows, writing emails, on the phone with friends/family, or writing nonsense in a Word file that I kept on whatever machine I was on at the time. Blogs apparently existed, but I didn’t know what they were or how to find them…I didn’t hear about blogs until around 2003/2004. And then I thanked the good gods above because I was SAVED! Saved from a life of boredom and gloom!
I’ve resisted getting involved in other social media sites, because blogging took up a fair amount of my time, already. Writing and reading kept me busy enough in what downtime I had, because of course as I’ve gotten older, work has gotten more intense and has kept me busier.
But then a reunion was happening, and I wanted to get involved in the fun leading up to that, and WHAMMO…I was on Facebook.
I still resisted Twitter, because I honestly didn’t get the point of it all, and when anything important happens on Twitter, I hear about it in the news stories I read, so…meh. But I kept reading some really funny Twitter posts that different bloggers would put up now and then, and I realized that it would be yet another source for me to head to every day in order to get a dose of entertainment.
And I DO enjoy being entertained.
And so @faithsista was born.
Suffice it to say, I spend a lot of time online. And because I am inspired by many of the items I come across throughout my day while hopping about on the ‘net, I think long and hard to come up with some of the stories I tell, and the tidbits I share. I love getting appreciative feedback on the stuff I post. I love it even more when people ”get” what I’m talking about, and respond in kind. It makes me feel closer to them. I hope it makes them feel closer to me.
In a non-creepy way, I mean. Don’t get too close to me, or I WILL sick my shihtzu-poo on you!
I know I’m not the only one that responds with a giddy joy when people seem to “get” me. I know this is a feeling that loads of people love to have. You are lying if you say you could not give two shits. You COULD give two shits, and it makes you HAPPY when you see people agreeing with your fab flotsam, dammit!
I am so on to you, people.
And while Facebook has the “likes”, and Twitter has the “retweet”, someone out there came up with an even BETTER way to show appreciation for the time we all spend online wracking our brains for the fun, the bizarre, and the awesome to share with the people that we connect with. (I know that, like being thin and pretty and rich, it comes naturally to many folks, but I am not one of them, dammit! BEING ENTERTAINING IS HAARRD!)
So if you haven’t heard of Koomkey yet, consider this your introduction, bitches. Your introduction to the awesome of being rewarded for your fab flotsam.
With Koomkey, people can now send you cash as a way of thanking you for your time and hard work you put into your Twittering. With a couple of quick clicks, you can say to your fellow Twitterer/Internet Citizen, “I think you are awesome for saying what you said/making me laugh/being so fucking fabulous, so here is $.25/$1/$5/$10…”
You can be paid to be entertaining and informative! Just like you always dreamed!
Or maybe you didn’t dream about that. Whatever. (You freaky alien…)
Check out the website…you can log in with your Twitter account, and at the top of the home page, you will see a “How It Works” link that will tell you all about, you know…how it works.  You don’t need to create a separate login to “join”. It’s just like being on Twitter except you can now send and receive CASH through your account.
So go forth. And now that you know my Twitter handle, you can send me money to say thanks for pointing out Koomkey to you. Thank you! Your welcome!
Disclosure: I am related to the person that created Koomkey. I'm also an investor. I was asked to write this post and share it on my blog with you all in order to help spread the word. Which I was happy to do!


Jaxxisms said...

you AREN'T alone on this. not by a stretch. and, you're right, i do give two shits. HOW DID YOU KNOW?

Faith said...

We should ALL give two shits about people appreciating our fabulousness! I know it because it is the TRUTH. ;)

faithstwin said...

*whispers while squeezing eyes shut * stoptalkingaboutshits...

Anonymous said...

I'd very much like someone to pay me for my witticisms. Doubt anyone would, but I'm still very amused at the idea. water damage Hays KS