Thursday, September 05, 2013

The Completed Master Bath

It's been quite a while since I added any kind of update to the completion of the construction that we did on our house, and I don't really have any kind of excuse for that delay except that I wanted to take good pictures of it all before I posted about it. And that took time.

I left my job mid-August, and that involved setting up interviews, hiring a new person, and training that person...all surprisingly time-consuming activities.

And then I had a wedding to go to (in Indianapolis...and we drove).

And then I went to visit the Twin in California.

So here I am! Back to work in my basement, updating websites, trying to create a Facebook page for my business, and ready to share the pictures I took (and then had to edit) of the new bathroom.

Ready? HERE WE GO!

As you might recall, our old bathroom was set up in an odd configuration of random small spaces and doors, and it was a pain in the ASS. (If you don't know what it looked like, feel free to go check it out. I wrote a post about it, of course.)

It now has one entry door, one closet, and a whole lot of awesome design choices. :D

This is a good picture of the entry to the bathroom space. Main entrance is a barn door, and then a linen cabinet on the left over there, and Leo's vanity is on the right.
Leo's vanity is different from mine in that he doesn't need a bunch of drawers for any stuff, and he wanted a medicine cabinet to keep his toiletries in.
The linen cabinet is gorgeous, and has TONS of space. We use it for linens, toilet paper and Kleenex storage, and still have room left over to put stuff in. It's pretty fuckin' awesome.

The other side of the bathroom is where the tub is at. My vanity sits next to the tub, and includes a makeup table that has a light up mirror inside of it.

I love the herringbone pattern we did with the tile on the floor. It cost a few extra dollars to do it this way, but it was worth it!
Our roof in that part of the room has a slope to it, so we took advantage of the extra height, and added a wood panel element to the slope. And then I had a pretty chandelier hung to add some femininity to the space, since it was all wood, and straight lines, and boxiness.
The teak wood surround shelves by the tub are just awesome. The carpenter that worked on this project was fabulous. I can't say enough good stuff about that guy! Very detail-oriented, and his craftsmanship will help the elements he built for us to last about forever, I'd imagine.
I haven't taken any pictures of the closet because it's always messy. I want it to be tidier than it is, but I just haven't achieved that yet, so maybe by Christmas, I'll have some good pictures of it. :P

Let me know what you think! We love our new space. I can't wait to get going on another project in the near future! Watch out, kitchen...I have a feeling you'll be next!