Thursday, November 14, 2013

Suggested modern gift for anniversary year 6? Wood Items. (I'm guessing a "that's what *she* said" joke is a bit too obvious here, right?)

Our anniversary was a few weeks back. It's been SIX YEARS that this man has been able to magically put up with my shit (which I really do understand, in spite of all my grumbles to the contrary because I AM A TREAT, GODDAMMIT) while tethered to me by a binding law, and somehow, he keeps smiling!
We went to Rye for our anniversary dinner this year, and loved it. We didn't ask our server to take any pics of us, though, so we had to do it ourselves when we got home. This photobooth-type result is common for us, as you'll see from another upcoming post. 
My smile is good! His...seems insincere. And also, BLUR.

That's real nice, dude.

Where'd my eyes go???!!

Oh, are we suddenly in 4th grade again, Faith? WTF?

Maybe if we zoom in a bit...goddammit, LEO!

This is sort of sweet, if my eyes didn't make it look like I was being poked in the ass by a steak knife at that moment.