Wednesday, February 26, 2014

2 Days Down...

Well, it's Wednesday. We've been through two full days of construction thus far, so I thought it might be time to update.

You might be saying to yourself, "What could possibly have been done in just 2 short days that you'd have enough to update us with, Faith?" And this is where these projects always amaze the shit outta me. This kind of work would take me God knows how long! But the pros have it down to a science.

This was the little closet wall that took up a lot of space in the entrance to the basement before:
The day before we started, the closets had their lovely saloon-style doors, and housed the non-cooperative water softener.
At the end of Day 1 (Monday), the wainscoting had been removed, the doors had been carefully taken down so they can be donated, and the water softener was officially disconnected.
The beginning of opening up the new TV area of the basement! Eeee!
And at the end of Day 2 (Tuesday), the water softener was outta there, the walls were gone, and we have a whole new space!
Those two support columns will play a part in the design, eventually, as well. Hard to explain, so I'll share a picture of the idea later this week.
Walking into the room now has an entirely different feeling, since the closets aren't there any more, there's no longer a wall in your face when you enter. This was at the end of the day Monday...
Note the wall over there where the door to the "Man Room" is. Because that's about to disappear!
And here it is at the end of Tuesday:
See? No more wall! It's just a wide open space now.
Aahh, florescent lights? I will not miss you, you ugly fuckers.
The bar area was cleared out that first day, and the plumbing was capped off. The cabinet that used to be there was taken out carefully, so the wood could be salvaged and re-used, if possible. That's one of the things we love about our contractors we work with...they're as into re-using and recycling as we are, so they don't balk at our efforts to save and donate wherever we can.
I didn't take any specific pictures of the bar area after day 1. But the only thing left over there now are those sconces. The electrician will be here later this week to take stuff like that down.
The old TV area was pretty easy to clear out, since it was mostly just couch. :/
At the end of day 1, the fireplace still hadn't been revealed. We spoke about it that morning, and discussed that the worst case scenario might be waiting for us behind that wainscot and drywall. We had been told by the previous owners that it was a fireplace that had been covered up. There are 3 flue vents on our chimney, and we only have 2 fireplaces upstairs. It all equalled "fireplace" in our minds! But our contractor said, "It could just be cinder block under there."

We went ahead and tore into it after the demo team left Monday night, because we couldn't stand it any more! And...oh, dammit.
GAH! It's just a big bump out of uninteresting CINDER BLOCK! How architecturally fascinating! BAH.
We're looking at options, but it really would have been nice if we didn't have to spend more money on this whole fireplace option. ::sigh:: I was thinking about a vent-free insert, so we don't have to worry about finding a way to hook into the flue vent, but then I did a little research on that, and it seems like a really bad idea. (I honestly don't know why vent-free options are even on the market. It's has to vent somewhere, and if it isn't venting outside your home, well...yeah.It's INSIDE.How can that be ok? O_o)

There used to be a wall/doorway here! Now it's gone:
Down in the dark space over yonder, our bar will be installed. I can't lie...I'm a bit freaked out about that wall being gone. The floor joists all run the right way, and the walls that are there are supporting things properly upstairs, but it just seems so wide open. Scary. New walls will go up next week, though, and maybe that'll make me feel better about it. We'll see.

I'll pop up some pictures of the design ideas I have a little later this week, since it's about to get all plumbing/electrical/boring at this stage. Plus, design stuff! PRETTY! I can't WAIT to decorate this space, dammit. :D

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Average Jane said...

This makes me want to redo our basement SO BAD! Ours isn't dry enough to do anything really pretty, but we could at least update, rearrange things for better storage and flow, and probably make the stairs safer.