Monday, February 24, 2014

Basically, I've hired myself.

Hey there! How ya doin'? Me? I'm fine. Been up since 3:30 a.m. this morning, since my brain apparently was just done with that whole "sleep" thing for the night, but otherwise, I'm cool.

Wanna see what we've got going on over here at the Smith house? You KNOW you do! So here we go...we're starting a new remodel project today. The basement is being de-90'd, and brought into a current style that isn't full of light-stained oak and shitty windows that let in cold air. 


So I'm starting with the "before" pics today, and then later this week, there will be progress pics of the demo (or what I also like to refer to as the "destruction"), and the new framing and all that cool stuff.

This is what the current view is when you walk into the basement. The bar is's got a sink, and originally had a dishwasher that was awesome for all the glassware, but that stopped working about a year ago, or so. Which made me sad. But really, having a full bar down there has been super handy. So we'll keep that element, of course, but it'll be moving to an entirely new space.
There is a long, narrow closet on that wall by the entrance, and it currently houses a water softener that never really worked, near as we can figure, and is where I put overflow of clothing before I had a large enough closet for it all. I just found sweaters in there that I had forgotten I owned! That was fun. So we're tearing those closets out, and that will be where our TV will go. Our couch will be where the table is. It will be lovely.
The bar? Was a mess. The new bar? Will NOT BE a mess.
These cabinets are built-in, and pretty much ruin our ability to re-use the wainscoting in the room in any way, other than to tear it all out and either donate it, or use it in woodworking hobby projects. I've wanted to paint out the wainscoting since we moved in, but Leo was all, "WTF? Are you high? It's all awesome OAK, woman!" And he's the one who would have to do the painting, since I suck at painting, so he won.

Aaannyyywayy...we're donating these cabinets.
This is the current TV/entertainment area of the room. There are nooks and crannies that would be much better used as dart board areas, and locations for the pin ball machine we wanna get. So that's why we're moving the couch over to the other side of the room. And also...
...there be a fireplace behind that thar wall. We want to open it back up again, and put in a gas insert fireplace thinger like we put in our bedroom last year. We're all a little excited and/or terrified to see what's hiding behind there. We know that there's a flu/vent for it, since we've done so much work with our other two fireplaces in the time we've lived here, that's been made clear. In fact, that's how we determined for sure that there must be a fireplace in that wall. But will it be in tact? Will it be filled with a nest of small woodland creatures? Will it be a crumbling mess? Eeeee.....!
Opposite that questionable fireplace feature is the entrance to what we've always referred to as "the man room." It's the only unfinished part of our basement, and it's got a couple of work benches in there, along with all our utility stuff.

See? So pretty! ;) THIS is where a shuffleboard table will go, and is also where the bar will be moving to. We'll build a wall to close off the utilities, and that water heater will be removed and replaced with a tank less unit, and all will be happy and fun.
We'll also be changing out the hideous fluorescent lighting, possibly finishing the ceiling in most of the space so we don't have the super-attractive drop ceiling any more, and putting in new flooring throughout the space.

It won't be done until the end of April, if we're lucky. Might be longer...not sure. But you can be sure that I'll be documenting the fun right here on this blog. And I'll link to Facebook each time I update, too. Wish us luck!

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